Disturbing new details about Facebook’s “News Tab,” which will be employed before the 2020 election and will surely be used to sway the election in favor of the plutocratic elites’ preferred candidate, have emerged this weekend.

According to an internal Facebook memo obtained by Neiman Labs, the Silicon Valley tech giant plans to have human editors curating the news stories that will appear on users’ timelines. The fact that those human news curators are called “editors” is another piece of evidence that points to the fact that Facebook is a “publisher,” not a “platform” for legal purposes.

“The editors will look at articles’ sourcing in deciding what to feature. They’re supposed to ‘seek to promote the media outlet that first reported a particular story, and additionally prioritize stories broken by local news outlets,'” Neiman Labs reported.

Neiman Labs also reported that Facebook will work with preferred news publishers to fill their “News Tab” with stories.

“One person who has seen a version of the tab being tested by Facebook employees said it featured stories from The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CBS News, National Geographic, BBC, The Huffington Post, and The Hill, though some of those publishers don’t appear to have officially struck agreements with Facebook yet,” the report said.

It’s becoming more obvious that Facebook will use this tool to promote leftist propaganda. The only outlet on the list that is even remotely conservative is The Wall Street Journal, and the far-left Huffington Post – a leftist opinion blog for angry social justice warriors masquerading as journalists – featured.

Facebook’s executives described the “News Tab” thusly:

“News Tab is an effort by Facebook to restore the sanity and credibility that’s lost in the chaos of our main feeds. Facebook will personalize the News Tab, so it will need a massive amount of content, from the New York Jets to gardening.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even said that the “News Tab” is his “personal passion,” and the company will choose what it calls “seasoned journalists” to make decisions on what stories will appear on users’ feeds.

The fact that the “editors” are humans who will be using their own discretion on sourcing to decide which news stories to feature is the horrifying part. If an “editor” decides that right-wing news sources are unreliable (which every left-wing mainstream news reporter, or “seasoned journalist” as Facebook calls them, do) then they will simply exclude stories from those sources on the “News Tab.” One can only imagine that Facebook users won’t be seeing much news from Breitbart on their feeds, despite the fact that the right-leaning news giant produced hundreds of explosive and verifiably truthful stories in the run up to the 2016 election.

That is not simply speculation, by the way. Facebook nuked one of the internet’s largest pro-Trump news sites, InfoWars, from its platform entirely, to the point where even sharing an InfoWars link can get one banned.

As we’ve reported on several occasions, Facebook also banned individual conservative reporters Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson from it’s platform, labeling them “dangerous individuals.” If Facebook thinks that conservative reporters are “dangerous,” it seems unlikely that they will give Americans any conservative-leaning news under their “News Tab.”