Facebook has yet to face justice for banning and demonizing pro-Trump journalists as “dangerous individuals trafficking in hate” and brazenly violating the First Amendment.

But the unregulated tech giant’s house of cards may soon crumble to the ground amid investigative journalist Laura Loomer’s head-on attack against the world’s largest social media network.

In an effort to dismiss a $3 billion defamation lawsuit waged by Loomer, Facebook made a groundbreaking admission in court filings Tuesday, contending the company is a “publisher.”

Yet, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has argued, under oath, in congressional testimony that his tech company is a “platform” and is therefore exempt from prosecution of illegal activity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Tech “platforms” are not liable for content created by its user under the law, while “publishers” are in prosecutorial jeopardy if their writers defame someone. Facebook’s admission of being a publisher amid the legal battle may nullify its Section 230 protections.


In just a few months, Loomer has been more successful at holding the monopolistic tech giant accountable than Congress.

“I single handedly accomplished what several conservatives have been trying to do, and what Congress has claimed they are trying to do, even though it looks like they haven’t been doing much, and that is to get Facebook to admit they are a publisher and not a platform,” the conservative firebrand told InfoWars host Owen Shroyer on Tuesday.

“I am going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if I need to. I know that I have the truth on my side. I have God on my side. I have the American people on my side and I’m determined to fight.”


Facebook’s egregious censorship and defamation is a civil rights violation that compelled Loomer to run for Congress.

“Regardless, if people in Congress decide to do something about it now, I am going to do it when I get elected. If you want something to be done, and you want somebody who actually has the balls to get something done in Congress, you should support my campaign today right now,” Loomer said. “Because when I get elected, I am going to break up Big Tech.

While the mainstream media mocks and blacklists journalists who have been deplatformed, Big Tech’s amassing wealth and power are jeopardizing electoral integrity, Loomer argued.

“It’s now a civil rights violation. Conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters are having their civil rights violated,” she said. “They are being banned and silence on social media, they are being threatened, they are being harassed. The banks are shutting them down – payment processors. They are being denied equal rights, equal access to the civil liberties that the Democrats in this country enjoy.


Exacerbating the censorship crisis, the mainstream media ostracizes and blacklists those who have been banned and deplatformed, Loomer asserted.

“You never see them interviewing the people who are deplatformed – you never hear out of their mouths directly how this is affecting them,” she said. “If the Republican party really is determined to combat tech censorship and they don’t want the Democrats to steal the election through Big Tech collusion, then they need to start amplifying my lawsuits because these are huge lawsuits that will have huge legal implications.”

Facebook is currently immune from violating the First Amendment, banning conservatives and purging hundreds of conservative-leaning media outlets, yet the company simultaneously argues in court filings it has a First Amendment right to defame people as “dangerous individuals,” Loomer noted.  

“According to their own classification of a dangerous individual, it’s somebody who is a terrorist, a serial killer or somebody who commits mass murder. I have done any of those things,” she said. “What does that mean for people like me and Alex Jones and other conservatives in this country who are being deplatformed, banned and then branded by this company as dangerous individuals?”

“You have a multi-billion dollar tech company – one of the most powerful tech companies in the world, accusing people of being dangerous individuals – terrorists,” she continued. “Seventy-five percent of employers in America decide whether or not they are going to hire somebody based off an analysis of their social media.”

Loomer, famous for confronting scandal-plagued Democrats, has been deplatformed and banned from Instagram, Twitter, Chase Bank, PayPal, Uber, Lyft, Go fund me, Venmo and Uber Eats.

While the censorship has impeded her ability to reach voters and expand her audience, support from the American people have helped her sustain.  

“It’s been very difficult. I’ve lost 90 percent of my income. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees through the generosity of kind-hearted American patriots who are helping me, supporting me, donating to my crowdfunding,” she said. “This is really an effort – it’s not just about me – it’s about the millions of conservatives worldwide and the Republicans in this country who are being silenced and shutdown for supporting the president, for sharing and holding conservative values.


“Even as a declared congressional candidate, I don’t have access to social media. It’s a never-before-seen instance in this country where you have somebody, so well known, somebody like myself who had millions of followers before being shut down now running for Congress without any access to the platforms in which traditional fundraising and messaging now takes place.”