Leftists are celebrating after a black Mercedes Benz reportedly lost control and rammed through the lobby of a Trump Plaza complex in New York Tuesday evening.

Footage of the incident shows the totaled vehicle with its trunk and hood popped open, surrounded by shattered glass as firefighters and police officers scurried in and out of the marble lobby of the 40-story luxury residential apartment complex in New Rochelle, approximately 18 miles north of Manhattan.

The driver and at least two pedestrians sustained minor injuries after the crash, according to law enforcement officials.

After the crash, the driver who claims he blacked out from a medical condition, exited the vehicle, “took a seat on a sofa” and “said nothing, CBS New York’s Tony Aiello reported.

As of Wednesday afternoon, authorities maintain the collision, which transpired at approximately 8:40 p.m., was unintentional and have not determined whether drugs or alcohol were involved, according to Fox News. The identity of the driver has not been publicly disclosed.

Meanwhile, deranged leftists wasted no time using the incident to showcase the extent of their contempt for the president.

MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal, who also writes for the leftist rag, The Nation, confessed he refrains from plowing his car into the Trump Plaza every time he encounters the property.

“Real talk: When you come out of the parking lot of this mall/movie theater, you have to sit a red light staring right into this lobby,” the liberal pundit tweeted. “I’ve thought about driving my car through it EVERY TIME. Basic humanity keeps me from doing it, but JUST.”


The stoplight in front of the building deters him from acting out on his fantasy to strike the building, he added.  

Mystal, who has notoriously professed Democrats should “destroy” white Trump supporters and stop “zombie” Trump supporters from “infecting everybody else,” then admitted his bigotry and hatred of Trump leads him to believe the crash was unlikely accidental.

Other Trump-haters expressed dismay that the president himself was not injured during the collision.