Jew-hating Linda Sarsour is finally out as a board member of the Pussy Hat wearing Women’s March, only to be replaced with another terror supporting Jew-hater, Zahra Billoo, the Director of the San Francisco chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), according to reports on Monday.

Our own Laura Loomer has long been reporting on Sarsour’s anti-Semitism and her support for Sharia Law, and the hypocrisy which this created for the Women’s March, which claims to fight for “Women’s rights”. In the beginning of the year, the organization’s founder denounced Sarsour, as did many of the other Women’s March representatives.

Still, the organization did not make the board shakeup official until today, as reported by The Washington Post.

Long before the rest of the media was even reporting on Sarsour’s ties to the Women’s March, Loomer had stormed the stage at a New York City Women’s March event, confronting the organization about its anti-Semitism.

“The Women’s March does not represent Jewish people. The Women’s March is the real Nazi march. The Women’s March hates Jews,” Loomer said before being escorted off the stage at the Women’s March event in January 2019.

When Loomer confronted Sarsour nearly two years ago in New York City when Sarsour was speaking on a panel about “anti-Semitism” of all things at The New School University in Manhattan, Loomer explained how Sarsour was a Jew hater and that she should be ashamed of herself as a Representative for the Women’s March.

Loomer was dragged out of the event by force, and the organizers called the police on Loomer for having the courage to do what nobody else would do.

Loomer has since been banned from every single social media platform for a tweet in which she called Ilhan Omar “anti-Jewish”. Meanwhile, radical left-wingers on Twitter with verified accounts keep making excuses for Sarsour and her jew hatred.

In October 2018, Loomer confronted Women’s March spokesperson Alyssa Milano at Politicon where she asked Milano to condemn Sarsour for her Jew hatred and support of Sharia Law, which oppresses women and calls for the killing of Jews and Christians.

Loomer’s video went viral, and one week later, Milano condemned Sarsour, as did many other representatives of the Women’s March, with Milano saying, “Just the fact that Loomer is being considered a journalist to me means that she’s been given enough airtime.”

While others take credit for the downfall of Sarsour and the Women’s March, several have taken to Twitter to help to set the record straight:

Michelle Malkin tweeted:


Unfortunately, the Women’s March didn’t exactly replace Sarsour with a saint. Instead, they replaced her with Zahra Billoo, who is a literal terror sympathizer and the executive director of CAIR’s San Francisco chapter.

Billoo played a role in helping get Loomer banned from Twitter, for which Loomer is suing both CAIR and Twitter.

“The Wall Street Journal has discovered that the CAIR official who got Laura Loomer banned from Twitter is Islamic Jihadist, Zahra Billoo, a firm advocate for jihad and an America-hating demagogue,” David Harris Jr. reported at the time. “In 2014, Zahra Billoo, the radical executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter said that she struggles with Memorial Day because American soldiers fighting an unjust war against Islamists should not be honored.”

Billoo has authored some masterful tweets, too, wherein she refused to renounce jihad, the struggle against non-believers in Allah, which often causes Islamic terrorists to strap bombs to themselves and go boom in public places, Sharia, the oppressive Islamic law that mandates gays be stoned to death and women be treated as property (yes, she is a new leader of the Women’s March), and khilafa, which means “Caliphate,” or the head of a dominant worldwide Islamic state.

She also hates cops and American and Israeli soldiers.

Her brother recently called for the extermination of all Jews on Facebook.

As Laura Loomer reported:

“Oh God, reduce their numbers, exterminate them, and don’t leave a single one alive,” Ahmed Ibn Aslam said on his Facebook page, archived here. “He added the hashtag ‘Zionists.’”

He added a location tag, which said he was at the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. He had just made a trip to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Alsam is a California Imam, whose given name is Ahmed Billoo.

According to a biography page, he is the “Religious Director of the Islamic Center of Cypress and is an instructor at the Institute of Knowledge Seminary in Diamond Bar, California.”

The Women’s March had one successful year in 2017, just after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Since then, it’s been bogged down with Sarsour’s anti-Semitism, and a failed attempt to trademark the term “Women’s March.”

Plus, with those Pussy Hats, is was pretty difficult to take the group seriously in the first place.

Let’s be honest…