Some of the rancid climate cultists in Britain were arrested after throwing a temper tantrum in protest of a runway expansion at the nation’s largest airport Friday.

“UK police have now arrested at least 19 environmental activists who threatened to fly drones and disrupt air travel at Heathrow Airport in protest of the planned construction of a third runway at the UK’s main air hub,” Gizmodo said.

“It is a crime against humanity – and all life on earth – to support carbon intensive infrastructure projects,” the group Heathrow Pause reportedly said in a manifesto.

Heathrow Pause is an offshoot of the so-called Extinction Rebellion, a group of climate cultists who were responsible for such protests as shutting down parts of London and running naked through the House of Commons, the Lower House of the UK’s Parliament, earlier this year. After the latter incident, the British government gave in, declaring climate change an “emergency,” thus emboldening the protestors. That move likely led to what was a serious and potentially dangerous demonstration at Heathrow Friday.

“There have been 3 drone flights so far this morning. Some were interrupted by signal jamming, but at least one toy drone was flown at head height near the airport,” the group said in a press release. “Following preemptive arrests yesterday, three toy drone pilots have been arrested this morning, including James, Marko and Steffen. Also Frank, who was live streaming the action. More flights are planned through the day.”

The group’s stated goal was to ground flights from Heathrow. It eventually failed in its mission. Several members of the group were arrested Thursday night, before the demonstration, on charges of “conspiracy to commit a public nuisance,” according to the press release.

The group claimed that one of its activists was “meditating in a garden when he was bitten on both legs by a police dog,” according to The Guardian. That account was disputed by police. Metropolitan police said that while they tried to arrest the man “he made off from them on foot.”

“He was pursued by officers and a police dog, which bit the man on the leg as he was subsequently detained,” police said. “The man received minor injuries to his leg but declined to be taken to hospital. He was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit public nuisance and taken to a police station, where he currently remains in police custody.”

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, who was involved in the protests, was arrested twice, once Thursday and once on Saturday.

Still, the Heathrow Pause maintains that its goal was not to be a public nuisance, but rather to raise awareness about what it believes are the deadly effects of climate change.

“The real objective was always to trigger a sensible, honest conversation, throughout society, on the dangerous folly of Heathrow expansion, with the ultimate objective of cancelling the third runway,” the group said. “That conversation is now happening. It is incumbent on all of us to keep it going.”

This is what the Brits get for negotiating with terrorists.