Anyone who has been paying attention has noticed that Big Tech – defined colloquially as Google and its subsidiary YouTube, Facebook and it’s subsidiary Instagram, along with Twitter and certain other widely used online platforms – has been censoring those whose political beliefs it finds objectionable over the past few years.

Censorship has ramped up since the election of President Donald J. Trump, which was particularly disturbing to employees at Google.

Google donates vast sums to leftist candidates, and one of its former engineers is on the record saying that the company is rooting against Trump in 2020. The company’s executives and employees actually cried the day after Trump won in 2016, and said that Trump supporters were filled with “fear, xenophobia, hatred.” But don’t worry, I’m sure they can be trusted to work with the same law enforcement entity whose highest level employees said they would be sure to “stop” Trump from winning in 2016.

But even in the wake of that string of public embarrassments, Google stayed true to form, attempting to censor its own employees while they worked.

“Last month, Google released a new set of community guidelines that discourage employees from talking about politics on Google’s internal mailing lists in forums,” according to CNBC. “The rules also bar employees from making statements that ‘insult, demean or humiliate’ other employees or Google’s extended workforce.”

Google’s employees objected, proving that the company is inherently political. At least one complaint about the policy came from ex-Google engineer Kevin Cernekee, who said that he was fired from the company for expressing conservative views.

A second complaint about the company’s former no-politics policy came from a current employee who said he was punished for “posting negative opinions about a top Google executive on Facebook.”

So, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) stepped in and is now forcing Google to stop censoring its own employees in the workplace.

“The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Google to remind employees that it’s within their rights to openly debate political and workplace issues,” the report said. “The action came as a result of federal regulators reaching an agreement on a proposed settlement on employee complaints that the company restricts free speech, a Google spokesperson said.”

Worth noting, we’re consistently told by leftists who don’t even believe in private enterprise and moronic “conservatives” who don’t think they’ll ever be censored that Google and YouTube can censor whomever it wants, as it is a private company. All of a sudden, though, its own employees are complaining about “free speech” restrictions? This story is dripping with several different layers of irony.

Here’s another:

The NLRB, a governmental organization, is allowed to audit Google’s internal policies toward its employees and force Google to make policy changes in the name of “free speech,” but there’s no governmental organization that can audit Google’s policies toward policing conservative content on its platform and force it to stop discriminating?

Meanwhile, if Google’s employees don’t like its policies, they can quit and go work somewhere else. But Google essentially has a monopoly over internet users. There aren’t really any relevant alternatives to Google or YouTube. So there are protections for people who can escape Google at any time, but no protections for Google users who can’t escape it.

Bizarro world!