MSNBC conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, best known for crying on election night when President Donald J. Trump beat the pantsuit off of Hillary Clinton, is in a whole boatload of trouble after taking the Russiagate hoax one step too far.

“Herring Networks, Inc., an independent, family owned national cable television programming company based in San Diego, California, filed a defamation lawsuit today in the United States District Court, Southern District of California, against Defendants Rachel Maddow, Comcast Corporation, NBCUniversal Media, LLC, and MSNBC Cable LLC. The Complaint seeks damages in excess of $10,000,000,” according to a Monday report by One America News Network (OAN).

Herring Networks owns OAN, and is alleging that it was defamed by the hysterical “news” host, and that Comcast refused to carry OAN because it is a conservative alternative to MSNBC, which Comcast owns.

“The Complaint further alleges that one week after OAN’s President, Charles Herring, called out and objected to Comcast’s anti-competitive censorship in an email to Comcast’s President of Content Acquisition, MSNBC’s most popular show—The Rachel Maddow Show—opened with the show’s host, Rachel Maddow, telling her audience that OAN ‘really literally is paid Russian propaganda,'” according to OAN’s report.

Maddow “really literally” has been hysterical about the “Russian collusion” hoax for the past two and a half years, which recently fell apart at the hands of former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, whom the political left treated as their Lord and Savior in the absence of believing in a real God. He found no collusion, and that announcement sent our esteemed left-wing media, the mouthpiece for the DNC, into a further downward spiral.

Trump has – for the most part – handled the lies and defamation swimmingly, even in the face of blatantly false reporting from the likes of MSNBC, CNN, and others.

But Trump is the president. He has something of an obligation, if unfair, to put up with media lies. OAN is a private company, and they don’t have that obligation. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

“OAN asserts that, in fact, Defendants knew this statement was false and that they acted maliciously and recklessly in making it. The Complaint alleges that the statement was meant to damage OAN’s business and reputation because OAN, unlike MSNBC, presents a conservative viewpoint; and that OAN was targeted in retaliation for calling out Defendants for their anti-competitive censorship in refusing to carry OAN on its cable system,” according to the report.

The political left has been hysterical (you might be noticing a pattern here) about the meteoric rise of OAN, which has often been cited by Trump on Twitter. As Fox News becomes a less reliable outlet for conservative news, OAN has largely filled that space, and likely will continue to do so.

“Watching Fake News CNN is better than watching Shepard Smith, the lowest rated show on [Fox News]. Actually, whenever possible, I turn to [OAN]!” Trump said in August, praising the network.

He has sent more than 30 tweets either citing the network, or praising its work, which has driven OAN’s detractors on the political left mad.

Here’s to the rise of new conservative media!