Conservative actress and activist Mindy Robinson was suspended from Twitter for apparently using a curse word, while foul-mouthed former model Chrissy Teigen got off scot free after cursing out President Donald J. Trump on the same day.

“I had my verified Twitter account limited for 7 days (no tweets allowed, etc) because I called Debra Messing a ‘racist bitch’ over the fact she promoted a tweet calling black supporters ‘mentally ill,'” Robinson told LauraLoomer.us. “Was what I said nice? No. But I’ve been called way, way worse before and Twitter did absolutely nothing. Apparently pointing out that a popular leftist mouthpiece is being racist goes against Twitter’s ‘targeted harassment’ rules.”

Robinson sent LauraLoomer.us a screenshot.

Twitter is forcing her to remove the tweet in question, and she can only begin posting again after a week’s time. Robinson fired back at Trump-deranged actress Debra Messing who shared her support for a photo of a church sign saying that blacks voting for Trump is a “mental illness.” Messing has also called for the doxxing of Trump donors.

Meanwhile, on the same day as Robinson’s suspension, Teigen, married to singer John Legend, ranted against Trump, calling him a “pussy ass bitch.” That tweet is still live here:

As usual, LauraLoomer.us was early on the story. We reported yesterday about how Twitter was not applying its rules equitably, and how conservatives are targeted and suspended for saying much less than Teigen.

When Milo Yiannopoulos made fun of actress Leslie Jones in 2016 for putting out a terrible movie, he was banned from the platform. Jones’ victim-playing even prompted a direct response to Jones from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

It was a national tragedy when a rich movie star (at the risk of giving Jones too much credit) was told her movie was bad. Twitter’s partial explanation for the ban was that Yiannopoulos’ followers, for which he was apparently responsible, had attacked Jones.

But spouting vile language at Trump is acceptable because, well, he’s Trump. In Twitter’s eyes, he doesn’t deserve the same coddling as Jones, despite the fact that her followers are behaving largely in the same way Yiannopoulos’ did towards Jones.

Laura Loomer was banned for even less than Yiannopoulos.
She called Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “anti-Jewish,” which is demonstrably true, only to have her account nuked by the tech giant. She had more than 265,000 followers on Twitter at the time.
Conservatives are generally of the opinion that nobody should be banned from any platform for any reason. But if Twitter is going to engage in such behavior, perhaps it shouldn’t act arbitrarily and instead apply the rules fairly to each user.

Maybe it’s time for Twitter to ban Chrissy Teigen!

It is worth noting that the leftist media is celebrating Teigen’s response (because degeneracy is their game) but often argues that Trump should be banned from Twitter for his tweets, which do not include profanity.

Not only does Teigen get to use foul language with impunity, she’s even been named a “Twitter Ambassador,” and was dubbed the “Mayor of Twitter.”

As usual, we’re sure there is absolutely no bias against conservatives on Twitter, and that we are simply “conspiracy theorists” for noticing these daily inconsistencies in how Twitter’s terms of service are applied.