Right-wing firebrand and former Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, banned from the public square that is Big Tech, said on his Telegram channel Sunday that Amazon is effectively banning his new book, How To Be Straight.

​​I’ve just been told Amazon is deliberately not re-ordering the How To Be Straight paperback from my publisher,” he said. “It’s already out of stock and no longer available with Prime, only through third-party sellers who take two weeks to ship anything. Some people have been waiting weeks for a copy already, and Amazon customer service is lying to people who call.”

“These petty attacks are like constant background radiation. I am dealing with 50 of them at any given instant,” he continued. “You will never even hear about most of them. Most of the time I don’t bother to publicize because it just sucks time from dealing with the next one.”

Yiannopoulos was one of the first people to truly be drummed out of the online public square – first when he was banned from Twitter in 2016, where he had hundreds of thousands of followers – and subsequently from Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram in 2019. Along with Laura Loomer and Alex Jones, he is one of the most banned people in the world. Conservatives have been consistently abused by the terrorists in Silicon Valley for holding right-of-center opinions, which Big Tech has conveniently made synonymous with “terms of service violations.” Name the platform, and high-profile conservatives – many of whom helped President Donald J. Trump get elected – have been banned from it.

How To Be Straight currently sits at #6 in Amazon’s “Aesthetics” category, and #30 in “Philosophy Aesthetics.”

“Milo Yiannopoulos is not straight, but that’s never stopped him from handing out excellent advice,” his book description reads. “And let’s face it, heterosexuals need it. Milo has spent his entire life advocating for the most brutally repressed minority on the planet–straight people. In this book, the Grand Marshal of the Boston Straight Pride Parade explains what straight people are getting wrong in 21st-century America and how to keep your pecker up in a world that seems increasingly hostile to heteros. One day, says Milo–if the injunctions in this book are followed–straight people will be able to openly express pride in themselves without fear of judgement or hate, just like everyone else.”

This is not the first time that Amazon has decided that certain books are unfit to be sold on its platform – a terrifying premise. The 21st century book-burners banned British free speech activist Tommy Robinson’s book, Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims kill for Islam in March. It also wiped out several hundred positive reviews of Matt Margolis’ The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama.

These bans indirectly affect more people than just their authors. For example, Margolis wrote the foreword to my latest book, Enemies: The Press vs. The American People. When Amazon de-legitimizes his credibility, it does the same to me.

Ironically, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and its more than 400 five-star reviews remains for sale on Amazon.