A U.S. Senator and presidential candidate agreed with a supporter of hers at a rally Saturday who claimed that the actions of the Trump administration are “mentally retarded.”

“What are you going to do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded action of this guy?” a supporter asked Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

“Well said, well said,” Harris replied while she and the audience laughed.

Far be it from this reporter to get offended over the use of the word “retarded.” In fact, I believe “retarded” is a perfectly good English word that has been tragically lost to politically correct culture, and that we should work to bring it back.

However, you might recall that for the past, say, seven years or so, the political left has been busy policing the speech of every person on the political right to the point where biological facts – like saying that a transgender female is actually a biological male – has become taboo.

You can’t say the word “alien” in reference to illegal immigrants anymore. The preferred nomenclature is now “undocumented immigrant.” You can’t say “tranny” or “transsexual.” Now it’s “the transgender person.” You can’t call someone “overweight.” Now it’s “person of size.” You can’t even use the term “blind.” You have to use the term “visually impaired.” And don’t even think about using the words “cripple,” or “handicapped.” It’s now “differently-abled.”

So, though I believe language should be free, it’s my duty as a conservative reporter to point out the hypocrisy in Harris’ endorsement of the idea that Trump and his supporters are retarded. Once again, the political left is refusing to play by the rules that it has established.

As for Harris in particular, she’s doing her best to stay relevant in the crowd of far-leftists that dominate the Democrat Party’s primary field.

She plans to curb the amount of red meat Americans consume, probably because we’re too “retarded” to make that decision on our own. She wants to abolish the death penalty. American jurors doing their civic duty are apparently too “retarded” to hand down such a sentence to a convicted criminal. Harris doesn’t believe in student debt, meaning that she believes that young college students are too “retarded” to make their own financial decisions.

She wants to eliminate the Electoral College, because the brilliant framers of the Constitution, who built the best system of government known to man, couldn’t hold a candle to Harris’ level of intellect. Man, those “retards.”

That is exactly what Kamala Harris and her supporters think. But, don’t take it from me. Just listen to her words on the campaign trail and hear it yourself!

Harris’ stance on gun control is pretty “retarded.”

She wants to “ban assault weapons.” Only a “retard” would use the term “assault weapon,” considering that it was made up by the political left to describe guns that look scary to them. See also: any plan to confiscate weapons from the American people will backfire spectacularly – no pun intended – and is thus “retarded.”

Harris also believes in nearly unfettered abortion access, and perhaps I’m being callous, but only a “retard” would believe it’s okay to kill a live human being.

If it’s ok to use the word “retarded” now, as Harris’s behavior on the campaign suggests, what should we call the nearly 20 candidates running for President in the Democrat Party?

Perhaps Harris has an answer for that question…