A retired Navy SEAL and former appointee in President Donald J. Trump’s administration spoke with LauraLoomer.us after his truck was keyed with a Swastika earlier this week in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“What is more shocking than the act itself, is the reaction of those on the left who believe this action was actually justified because of the simple display of a Trump bumper sticker,” Carl Higbie told LauraLoomer.us. “We must reject the notion that your level of outrage justifies immoral and illegal actions.”

Higbie first tweeted the image on September 2.

“Someone keyed a swastika into the side of my car because I have a trump sticker on the back. Asshole,” he said.

Higbie’s truck, which he said has been vandalized four times, sports a “TRUMP” bumper sticker, and one that says “I Am Not A Liberal.”

Higbie is right. The responses from the political left to his truck being keyed were pretty shocking, though at this point we perhaps shouldn’t be surprised that the brainwashed masses on the left, radicalized by CNN and MSNBC propagandists, truly believe that Trump supporters are “Nazis.”

“How do you know it was because you had trump stickers? Maybe you cut someone off who was on his way to a white supremacist rally? Quite often those wearing similar stripes will devour their own kind,” one anonymous keyboard warrior said from behind the screen, suggesting that Higbie and Trump supporters are “white supremacists.”


Another rabid (and also anonymous) leftist threatened Higbie, asking if he’d rather have the Swastika “carved into [his] forehead.”

“You are what you support,” the Twitter troll continued. “Wear it proudly.”

A third anonymous Twitter user chimed in, celebrating the criminal vandalism.

“Hahahah that’s awesome. Hopefully you learned your lesson and you’ll get that racist bumper sticker off,” the user said.


But there is good news. Higbie confirmed on Twitter Friday morning that the police have obtained security footage from the incident.

“Cops have security footage and are reviewing now. Stay tuned. You will be caught and i will prosecute to fullest,” he said.

Higbie is also unwilling to back down, as some have suggested that it is better to remain quiet about supporting Trump to avoid the hassle of being a target of the political left.

“I’m standing up for what I believe in,” he told Gateway Pundit. “There’s no dollar value on that. If they do it again, I will fix it again. I will go out of my way to stand up for my beliefs. It is the unhinged left that needs to be tamed.”

Meanwhile, Higbie continues to fight for America First policies.

He launched a boycott of Kroger and Walmart this week after both companies banned customers from carrying weapons in their stores. Kroger responded to Higbie, saying they hope he understood the new policy. He crushed them.

“I don’t. As a Navy SEAL of 9 years I find it discriminatory and anti American to tell a service member that the rights they were willing to die for can no longer be exercised in your [sic] establishments. Shameful, but your welcome for providing the freedom to do that,” he said.