Walmart announced Tuesday that in response to two mass shootings committed by deranged lunatics that it will curb the gun rights of law abiding citizens.

“Walmart is banning shoppers from openly carrying guns in its stores and ending the sale of some types of ammunition in response to two deadly shootings at its stores,” according to Business Insider.

The store will also stop selling certain types of ammunition.

“After selling through our current inventory commitments, we will discontinue sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber that, while commonly used in some hunting rifles, can also be used in large capacity clips on military-style weapons,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon reportedly said in a memo to employees.

There’s a fair amount to unpack here. First, .223 and 5.56 caliber ammunition is largely used in AR-15 and similar style semi-automatic rifles. These rifles – though they might look scary to liberal wimps – are not “military-style” weapons. Rifles carried by military personnel in war zones are typically fully automatic. Second, fully automatic rifles like those that would be used by military personnel are not available for sale in the United States without a significantly higher amount of clearance which must be obtained from federal law enforcement, usually from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Such purchases require even more extensive background checks than the ones mandated to purchase, say, a handgun or a semi-automatic rifle at a gun store. Third (and for goodness sake), it’s not called a “clip,” it’s called a magazine. Typically, only non-gun owning liberals call magazines “clips,” while those who have a clue about firearms use their proper name. McMillon seems to have actively tipped his hand as someone who knows little about firearms, and is likely caving so the leftist mob will stop harassing him.

The company will also stop selling handguns at its Alaska stores.

The ban on ammunition styles and open carrying inside stores comes in response to a deadly shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, by a man with reported white-supremacist leanings, and a double murder inside a Walmart in Mississippi committed by a disgruntled ex-employee.

“We know these decisions will inconvenience some of our customers, and we hope they will understand,” McMillon reportedly said. “As a company, we experienced two horrific events in one week, and we will never be the same.”

There seems to be a common misconception among the political left that it is easy to obtain any type of firearm at a Walmart – or any gun store, for that matter – simply by walking in and asking to purchase one. That is not the case.

In fact, a Business Insider reporter set out to purchase a firearm from Walmart in order to find out just how easy it was, which resulted in a hilarious long form piece during which she explained the intricate process of purchasing a firearm from Walmart, which she could not manage to navigate. She eventually gave up, leaving empty-handed.

By the way: 98% of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones, which means that Walmart has effectively made its stores more dangerous by banning open carrying inside them.

But neither nuance, nor fact, nor logic matter when the leftist mob comes after your business. You either capitulate, or put up with the ridicule. Most simply cave to shut the mob up, which is exactly what Walmart seems to have done.