Uber and Lyft, America’s two foremost ride-sharing platforms, have vowed to provide free rides to Florida residents who are seeking shelter from Hurricane Dorian.

“If you’re located in an area of Florida that has been impacted by Hurricane Dorian, both Lyft and Uber are offering free rides both to and from local shelters,” according to one report.

The rides are not totally free. Uber is offering free rides with a value up to $20, and Lyft up to $15. Depending on how far away one lives from a shelter, there still could be a cost associated with the transportation to a hurricane relief shelter.

However, those privileges are only available for people whom Uber and Lyft have decided are politically correct enough to use their service, and thus, whose lives apparently matter more than those who harbor the “wrong” political beliefs.

Our own Laura Loomer, who lives in Palm Beach County, directly in the path of the massive storm that is expected to pummel Florida, is banned from using both services for alleged “hate speech”. Both services banned Loomer in 2017 for criticizing Islam after a Muslim Uber driver and immigrant from Uzbekistan, Sayfullo Saipov, purposefully plowed over 12 people in a bike lane in New York City, killing eight.

The Islamic immigrant Uber driver pledged allegiance to ISIS and started shouting Allahu Akbar with a gun in his hand after he killed 8 people with a car.

Upon further research, it was discovered that Saipov didn’t even have a valid drivers license, which means Uber allowed an unlicensed driver who also happened to be an ISIS terrorist to drive for their company.

Uber and Lyft both banned Loomer under vague accusations of “terms of service” violations, though nothing she said violated the First Amendment, otherwise known as America’s terms of service.

Criticizing a political ideology which calls for the deaths of Christians and Jews, (and then carries out terror attacks in its name) as well as the establishment of an Islamic caliphate that dominates with world, is apparently out-of-bounds. Not only that, in the eyes of Uber and Lyft, speaking out about Islamic terrorism apparently makes your life less valuable.

While Loomer’s neighbors who live in what is now a mandatory evacuation zone in Palm Beach County can hail a ride to escape what is sure to be a wicked storm, Loomer can’t. God forbid she had to rely on such a service to get out of town before the storm hits.

It appears that if that were the case, both companies would rather leave her in the middle of a Category 5 hurricane in a mandatory evacuation zone to die. In this case, the value of one’s life is seemingly determined by one’s political beliefs.

Several Conservatives took to Twitter to respond to Uber and Lyft’s Hurricane offer.

Michelle Malkin tweeted:

“So everyone living in Florida danger zone can get free @uber or @lyft rides…except Florida resident Laura Loomer, who was banned from rideshares for speaking up against sharia because @uber & @lyft do the bidding of the SPLC smear machine. Shame. #notforgotten

Ali Alexander tweeted:

“Seriously @Uber and @lyft: Shouldn’t you unban people during acts of God? Laura Loomer lives in one of the evacuation zones. She should have the same options as other people fleeing a hurricane. Think about policies before implementing them. They could cost lives.”


Meanwhile, a ‘Palestinian” Uber driver in Los Angeles kicked two Jewish women out of his car when he found out they were leaving an Israeli Independence Day event, and the company reportedly took no action against the driver.

Alas, Loomer has been vindicated. As we reported several weeks ago:

A Pennsylvania Uber driver was convicted Thursday on multiple sexual assault charges after he raped an intoxicated passenger and charged her $150 for vomiting in his vehicle.

A jury determined Ahmed Elgaafary, a 27-year-old Egyptian national, was also charged with raping an unconscious person, sexual assault and indecent assault.

Elgaafary arrived at Valley Forge Casino Resort near Philadelphia to pick up his victim, and what would have been a 15-minute ride morphed into a 53-minute-long traumatizing ordeal, Assistant District Attorney Vincent Robert Cocco told jurors.

Elfaafary raped the woman in the back seat of his car then demanded she pay $150 for the longer ride and vomiting in the vehicle.

Would Uber and Lyft reverse course to help Loomer if she needed urgent help in avoiding a Category 5 hurricane like Dorian? That question remains unanswered. What we know for sure is that deplatforming not only ruins careers and lives, but also sparks deeper questions about the value of human life as it relates to ones political beliefs.