A Saudi writer and political and tribal figure is encouraging Jordan to negotiate with Israel on President Donald J. Trump’s yet-to-be-announced deal of the century, which is expected to propose a solution that ends the Hamas reign of terror in Gaza.

Abdul Hameed Al-Ghabin wants Jordan to become the true geographical home of the Palestinians, as it was meant to be by the British Mandate, arguing that it’s the only logical and peaceful solution to the violence that plagues the region. Jordan has been resistant to such a plan, given that the leadership in Gaza isn’t exactly what one would call stable.

“How can we achieve peace if the Palestinian people remain without a place to call home?” Al-Ghabin asked. “The answer is simple: Jordan is already 78 percent of historical Palestine. Jordanians of Palestinian origin constitute more than 80 percent of the population according to U.S. intelligence cables leaked in 2010. Jordan is essentially already the Palestinian Arab state. The only problem is, the king of Jordan refuses to acknowledge this.”

The hangup has always been the Jordanian Royal Family, implemented by the British, whom the Arab invaders of Israel have refused to recognize as their leaders. Al-Ghabin said he does not know whether the Jordanian Royal Family would ever agree to such a deal, but sees Jordan as the solution nonetheless.

“Nonetheless, the world will eventually recognize Jordan as the address for Palestinian statehood—and perhaps sooner than we think. We don’t know if the Jordanian royal family will still be in power when Jordan officially becomes Palestine, but we do know that if the royal family leaves and the Palestinian majority takes over, Jordan will officially become their homeland and we Arabs won’t feel guilty normalizing relations with Israel as another regional state,” he wrote.

Complicating matters, Jordan retains custody of the Islamic holy site, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, but warns that if Jordan does not work with Trump and Israel to seek peace, they could lose the site altogether.

“As for the Al-Aqsa mosque, [the Saudis] have been financing it for over 70 years now. Saudi Arabia has donated billions of dollars to Jordan’s king and his father and grandfather, all in the name of ‘protecting’ and ‘maintaining’ Al-Aqsa,” he said. “A quick look at the holy site is enough to show everyone that the king of Jordan has neither been maintaining nor protecting the site. The mosque is in a miserable state and unrest is always being stirred up there by the king’s appointed guards and loyalists.”

He then said that Saudi Arabia could “offer a proper custodianship of Al-Aqsa, under a new arrangement that secures the freedom of worship at the site for all,” citing the Saudi control over holy sites Mecca and Medina for nearly a century, to which the Saudis allow Iranian pilgrimage, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia and Iran are enemies.

Of note is the fact that the Saudis have not condemned Al-Ghabin’s plan, in effect endorsing it.

In essence, Al-Ghabin’s argument boils down to this: If Trump’s plan is to make Jordan true Palestine, Jordan should accept the offer in order to promote peace and stability in the region. Jordan has long favored creating a second Arab state for those who left it to occupy Gaza, a plan that has been suggested for decades but will never be agreed upon.

Jordan can do the world a service by negotiating with Trump and Israel, and it should.