An esteemed freshman Congresscritter from New York continued her support for America’s smelly, mask-wearing, group of violent rejects over the weekend, posting links to help bail out the violent Antifa members who were arrested for committing crimes at Boston’s Straight Pride Parade.

“One way to support the local LGBTQ community impacted by Boston’s white supremacy parade? Contribute to the Bail Fund for the activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Twitter.

The Tweet reads like an Orwellian newspeak dictionary.

According to AOC, only white supremacists would support straight Americans. Apparently, the LGBTQ community was negatively affected by straight people holding a parade in celebration of their straightness, which they could have simply ignored. (Instead, they chose to give the parade’s organizers the attention they wanted, which helped the organizers prove the political point they set out to prove – that straight people are the object of scorn from the political left). Furthermore, those “activists who put themselves on the line protecting Boston” are not “activists” at all. Rather, they’re criminals – at least allegedly. More than 20 of them were arrested during the events of the day, while none of the parade members left the event in handcuffs.

Portland reporter Andy Ngo, himself a victim of Antifa mob violence, posted the list of charges for those brave “activists” on his Twitter account. There were eight “activists” charged with assault and battery on a police officer in the name of stopping straight people from having a parade. Several more were charged with resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

These are the people whom AOC decided to stand behind. Not the police officers who were attacked while doing their jobs, not the innocent attendees of a harmless rally, but the thugs who showed up with the intention of committing violence, and did just that.

But this isn’t AOC’s first rodeo. She’s been known to support Antifa – even inspiring a terror attack on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Tacoma, Washington at the hands of deranged Antifa.

Willem van Spronsen threw homemade explosives into an ICE facility in July before being shot dead by police. He left behind a manifesto, using the term “concentration camp” to describe ICE facilities – a term used just a few weeks prior to the makeshift bombing. AOC’s use of the term sparked a huge national debate about whether it was appropriate to compare such facilities to the ones run by Nazis during World War II, where six million Jews were killed (hint: it’s not).

Weeks later in Dayton, Ohio, and angry young man with radical far-left leanings who followed and retweeted Antifa accounts on Twitter, some of whom used the same “concentration camp” lingo, shot up a nightclub, killing nine.

Perhaps the self-absorbed Congresswoman from New York is too dense to realize that she is fomenting violence by actively supporting Antifa. In the mind of the political left, Antifa is providing some kind of service to America simply because they call themselves “anti-fascists.”

That might make sense if no group had ever been misnamed, or if Antifa was not actively stifling political debate, committing political violence, and generally wreaking havoc in major metropolitan areas. But that’s exactly what Antifa is doing, so supporting them really doesn’t make sense unless you think that conservatives should be beaten in the streets simply for disagreeing with the political left.

Eventually, the recklessness supported by the likes of AOC is going to get someone killed. Then, things will truly get ugly.