Retired Marine Corps Sergeant Shane Michael Kohfield’s firearms were confiscated by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, after the veteran issued a warning to civilians to protect themselves against Antifa, a violent left-wing militant group that employs brutal intimidation tactics under the guise of representing anti-fascism.

After Antifa notoriously assaulted independent journalist Andy Ngo, Khofield was one of two dozen protesters that gathered outside of Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house in July, repudiating the mayor for his refusal to denounce the leftists activist group.

Kohfield reportedly threatened to retaliate against Antifa in self-defense.

“If Antifa gets to the point where they start killing us,” he declared, “I’m going to kill them next. I’d slaughter them and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out Antifa.”

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in response “took extraordinary steps against Kohfield,” Oregon Live reports. Using Oregon’s new “Red Flag” law, the bureau seized a bundle of the retired marine’s firearms.

The Oregon legislature passed the Red Flag law in 2017, authorizing judges to discretionary confiscation of firearms from law abiding citizens who demonstrate behavior exhibiting they may commit harm to themselves or someone else.

Law enforcement officials, family members, roommates or associates may petition a judge for an “extreme risk protection order” prohibiting the individual from firearm possession. Upon the magistrate issuing the order, the individual named is mandated to turn over all guns to law enforcement, a gun dealer or a legally authorized third party within 24 hours.


Kohfield faced no criminal charges, but the bureau committed the 32-year old former marine to a veteran’s psychiatric ward in Portland where he was withheld for 20 days.

The veteran, a Trump supporter who has served two tours of duty in Iraq, told Oregon Live he is not affiliated with the Proud Boys or any right-wing activist group. He maintains he never intended to harm people but wanted to mitigate violence from escalating.

“I figured that the key to de-escalating the situation was to not be the most violent person in the room,” he said. “It was to be the scariest person in the room.”

Khofield maintains the only demonstrations he’s attended were a rally hosted by conservatives for survivors of sexual assault in 2018 and the protest in front of Wheeler’s home.

“I was watching on the news that city of Portland did nothing to protect the people against antifa,” he said. “I figured I’d show up to protect these people.”

Kohfield, who’s medical records show he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, said he understands police were likely alarmed by his appearance.

“I looked unhinged. I looked dangerous and have the training to be dangerous,” he said.


While the FBI takes aim at Khofield for vowing warning he’d defend himself and other innocent bystanders from Antifa attacks, Democrat lawmakers have refused to condemn Antifa.

Black-clad Antifa marchers arrive at Civic Center Park, Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in a counter-protest against a planned alt-right rally in Berkeley, California. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

President Trump has recommended Antifa be designated a domestic terrorist group, nearly all the Democratic presidential candidates have refused to specifically denounce the so-called “social justice warriors” or routinely pretend to never have heard of the group that has made national headlines over the last two years for brutally assaulting Trump supporters.  

Here is a video channel which documents scores of assaults by left-wing activists against Trump supporters.