At 8:17pm on August 29th, 2019 on Burlingame Ave in Burlingame, California, an Apple store was robbed!

In exclusive video provided to LauraLoomer.US by a witness at the scene, several robbers can be seen on video stealing all of the display products from the Apple store, and then immediately fleeing the scene in a vehicle that was waiting outside of the Apple Store.

Customers can be seen running out of the store. The witness who provided LauraLoomer.US with this video said a woman yelled that the robbers had guns.

“My brother and mom were in the Apple store in Burlingame tonight when it got robbed. noone got hurt but 8 or 9 guys swiped 50k worth of iPhones and iPads. My brother was there to get a new phone because his old one was busted, so i guess he put it on the table when the robbery,” said one tweet posted in the direct aftermath of the robbery.

The witness who provided LauraLoomer.US with this video wished to remain anonymous, but gave the following statement about the robbery:

“The point though is that it’s not just crazy that it happened in California, (because this happens in LA all the time), but it’s crazy because the crime is starting to migrate into rich areas like Burlingame.”

Several people in the store said the robbers were armed, which is ironic given that the lawless Democrats in Sanctuary State California, including Nancy Pelosi, her nephew Governor Gavin Newsom, and wannabe Presidential candidate Kamala Harris are constantly bragging about their state’s “strict gun laws”. From the looks of this video, I guess California’s gun control isn’t working out too well.

By the way, isn’t the Apple store a “gun free zone”?

Turns out criminals don’t follow rules, or laws. Go figure…

Police arrived at the scene of the robbery 15 min after the robbers left.

It will be interesting to see if the robbers will be criminally charged for stealing thousands of dollars of electronics from Apple. After all, we are talking about California, where “everyone is welcome”.

If the robbers are criminally charged, it is unlikely that they will be referred to as “felons”. Last week in San Francisco, under a new resolution by the city’s Board of Supervisors, it was decided that the legal system needs to care more about the feelings of felons. Convicted felons will now be referred to as “justice involved persons” in San Francisco… a term that is sure to catch on in neighboring California cities like Burlingame.

Just another day in crime ridden, communist California.

This is a developing story.