An Iraqi refugee living in Australia who was convicted of raping a child was sentenced to the minimum amount of jail time after the judge learned about his “tragic upbringing.”

Mohammad Hassan Al Bayati was a security guard at a shopping center in West Sydney, where he kidnapped a three-year-old girl and led her into a fire escape, where he may have raped her for up to 13 minutes, according to several reports. The girl’s mother had left her on the playground while she went shopping, and when she returned, Al Bayati reportedly lectured her on the dangers of leaving a child alone on a playground.

Judge John Pickering, who would later hand down a light sentence, even took offense to Al Bayati’s lecture.

“The gall of the offender, in all the circumstances, to lecture the mother about the danger or risk of leaving the child in the centre when he ended up being the greatest risk is one of the more curious facts in this matter,” he said. “Any mother should be entitled to leave their children in a busy shopping centre and not have any belief or expectation that someone who is actually there to look after the interests of people shopping in the centre will then create harm.”

Apparently, the child’s mother was used to an Australian culture in which a child can be left to play on a playground unmolested, without having to worry that an adult male from a foreign nation would rape the child.

“Al Bayati’s DNA was found on the child’s underwear,” according to one report. “He was convicted of three charges; taking and detaining with intent to obtain advantage, committing an act of indecency with a victim under ten years old, and indecently assaulting a person under the age of sixteen.”

But a judge, taking into account his “tragic” upbringing, only sentenced him to the minimum – two and a half years. Al Bayati already has time served, and will reportedly be eligible for parole in 2021.

By the way, Al Bayati reportedly came to Australia “illegally by boat” after fleeing from Iraq to Iran, which apparently did not accept him as a refugee. There is no word on whether he’ll be deported from Australia upon his release from jail.