Turkey’s Jewish community is outraged over viral footage from a summer camp showing burqa-clad women instructing young children to chant “death to Jews.”   

“The Jews!” a woman exclaims in the video.

“Death!” the children shout in response, raising their fists.

When the woman says, “Palestine,” the kids reply, “It will be saved.”


“The chants closely resemble a rallying cry routinely used by the Aczmendi, a Muslim fundamentalist cult based in eastern Turkey,” The Jewish Chronicle reports. “Members of the fringe sect believe Turkish troops should be used to “cleanse” Palestine of Jewish people.”

Turkish MP Garo Paylan, a member of Turkey’s opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party, argues the video is evidence of child abuse and the children were being encouraged to commit a hate crime.

Paylan demanded Turkish parliament ask the interior and justice minister to explain where the video was first filmed when it went viral in July but he has yet to receive a response and authorities have yet to take action.