A former Google employee has been charged in a trade secrets theft case for allegedly stealing self-driving car technology from Google, and selling it to ride-sharing company Uber.

“Anthony Levandowski was charged with 33 counts of trade secrets theft. He could be sentenced up to 10 years and fined $250,000 per count,” according to ABC7. “Levandowski was sued by Google in 2017 in a case that was settled out of court. Uber reached a settlement with Waymo for about $245 million worth of equity, and pledged to not use Waymo’s confidential information. Waymo is part of Google’s parent company.”

Google is owned by Alphabet, Inc.

Waymo’s lawyers said that Levandowski copied and saved 14,000 files while working on that project at Google, then subsequently started his own company called Otto. Otto was quickly purchased by Uber.

It’s difficult to feel bad for Google, which quietly nixed its motto “Don’t Be Evil” in 2018, after its CEO Eric Schmidt cozied up to the Pentagon for government contracts, and even watched a live drone strike. The company is notoriously left-leaning, and donated $160,000 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. Employees there cried after President Donald J. Trump’s victory, and vowed to stop him from winning again in 2020, according to a Project Veritas undercover sting.

Uber, though, is just as evil.

They’ve banned our own Laura Loomer from their ride-sharing service for sounding the alarm about their sometimes dangerous and predatory drivers. Last week, an Egyptian Uber driver was found guilty of raping an intoxicated passenger, and then charging her $150 for vomiting in his car.

Both companies are working on pioneering self-driving automobile technology, which will, when complete, likely put millions of high school educated males out of work, and could have devastating impacts on the American economy.

Tough luck for both companies in the case of the stolen technology! Looks like they’re just going to have to duke this one out.