Tlaib being thrown out of a Donald Trump event for causing a disturbance

Radical Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was denied access to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracted facility earlier this month after she failed to request a tour. Tlaib then created a public relations spectacle, claiming she was unfairly barred despite showing up to the facility without notice.

Earlier this month, Tlaib stormed the Calhoun County jail in Michigan with two members of her staff, two immigration attorneys, and a reported group of eight or nine people. Calhoun County jail has contracts with ICE.

Tlaib tweeted that she was “denied access to tour the facility,” and received nearly 12,000 “likes” on Twitter.

“If they want a tour of a contracted facility they have to set it up 48 hours in advance,” said Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton. “My lieutenant followed procedures, and we just don’t let a group walk into our facility. If she had called me and said, ‘I would like a tour of your facility,’ I would have set it up.” 

Tlaib claimed to have spoken with “4 immigrant detainees,” despite being denied access to the facility. Tlaib further claimed, “One suffers from severe PTSD & requires medication. She is on day 10 w/o her prescription. Another woman had to sleep on the floor for 3 days.”

Of the approximately 191 ICE detainees housed there, Sheriff Saxton said no one sleeps on the floor unless they choose to do so. Sheriff Saxton added that he has received no complaints about mistreatment from any of the illegals housed there, and no complains have been filed by any of the illegals.

Regarding Tlaib’s stunt, Sheriff Saxton said, ““I have had no communication with her. With a little communication, we could have made sure that security issues were managed and given her a tour. It’s a jail and we have security measures.”

Tlaib, who has been called a “hate-filled anti-Semite” after choosing not to visit her grandmother in order to bash Israel, is being sued for $2 million for assaulting investigative reporter Laura Loomer.

Loomer asked simple and straightforward questions of then candidate Tlaib about her stances toward Israel, Jews, and terrorist groups such as Hamas.

“In response, and in the presence of [Ilhan] Omar, who looked on approvingly, Tlaib violently lunged at Loomer, interacted with her physically and grabbed her phone, which Loomer was using to film the event which took place at a Palestinian restaurant. This put Loomer in alleged fear of immediate severe bodily injury,” wrote Freedom Watch.

Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman is representing Loomer in her lawsuit against Tlaib.

Following Tlaib’s illegal assault, Loomer filed a criminal complaint against the Minneapolis Police Department, but the department has yet to follow up on the case.

“Likely because the police do not want to be smeared as ‘Islamophobic’ by Tlaib and Omar, especially given that Minnesota’s powerful Attorney General, Keith Ellison, who is a Muslim political ally of Tlaib and Omar, is also an anti-Semite and close to Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam,” Freedom Watch asserted.

Loomer’s lawsuit against Tlaib can be found here.