The freshman Congresscritters are at it again, this time suggesting that the death of an Israeli girl was her own fault – or at least the fault of Israel’s “occupation” of a non-existent country.

“This is absolutely tragic & horrible. My heart goes out to Rina’s family. More than ever we need to support nonviolent approaches to ending the Israeli occupation and guaranteeing equal rights for all. Extremism that puts innocent lives at risk moves us no closer to peace,” Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said.

Tlaib was quoting a Tweet from “If Not Now, When,” a Jewish organization which, believe it or not, advocates for the non-existence of Israel.

“We are mourning the death of Rina Shnerb, who was only 17 years old. Our thoughts are with her friends and family. We’re not confused: the rightward drift of Israeli and US govts make the situation on the ground less safe for Israelis and Palestinians,” the group said. “Innocent lives like Rina’s are being lost because of disastrous political decisions. We fight to the end the Occupation so all Israelis and Palestinians may live in freedom and dignity. We must not allow politicians to use this tragedy to escalate the Occupation even further.”

Shnerb was hiking with her family when HAMAS terrorists exploded a rocket in the “natural spring outside the central West Bank settlement of Dolev,” according to Times of Israel.

Somehow, Tlaib made Shnerb’s death the fault of Israel – not the terrorists who murdered her in cold blood.

But Tlaib’s rhetoric shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s similar logic that the left uses after a gun tragedy. They scapegoat anything but the actual cause of the tragedy – the person or people behind the attack.

Tlaib has been engulfed in anti-Semitism controversies since taking office. The minute after she was elected to the United States Congress, she draped herself in a Palestinian flag, a gesture which this reporter still feels did not stir up enough outrage, even our current political outrage culture. Recently, Tlaib shared an anti-Semitic cartoon drawn by a Holocaust denier. She also allegedly assaulted Jewish journalist Laura Loomer, for which Loomer is suing her for $2 million in damages.

Tlaib is infamously cozy with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the Somali-born Congresswoman best known for marrying her biological brother in an immigration fraud scheme. Omar’s anti-Semitism has been so horrendous that the state department changed the definition of anti-Semitism after she compared Israel to Nazis. She, too, can’t seem to hide her rabid Jew-hatred.