Far-left propaganda outlet HuffPost and one of its former propagandists have been sued for defamation by a friend of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom the website allegedly defamed during the left’s attempt to smear Kavanaugh into oblivion.

“HuffPost reporter Ashley Feinberg, now at Slate, published a report at the height of the Kavanaugh confirmation controversy entitled “Former Student: Brett Kavanaugh’s Prep School Party Scene Was a ‘Free-For-All’,” which purported to expose the degenerate culture that predominated at Georgetown Prep when Kavanaugh was a student,” National Review said. “That hard-partying ethos supposedly culminated in the 1984 overdose death of David Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s son, in a Palm Beach hotel.”

Feinberg, who of course cited anonymous sources (hope they show up to court, or at least actually exist!) alleged that “two students  David’s brother Doug, and his friend Derrick Evans  had helped score the coke” for the wild parties that resulted in Kennedy’s death. Now, Evans wants retribution for what he says is a total lie.

He said in his lawsuit that Feinberg did not contact him prior to printing the report (literally journalism 101, especially when writing a piece that portrays someone in a negative light) and that she fabricated the claims against him in her “zeal to create a sensational article about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s years at [Georgetown Prep] and thereby drive traffic to [HuffPost’s] website.”

Evans contends that if Feinberg or any editor at HuffPost had done their jobs, they would have easily been able to find out that he helped law enforcement identify the people who actually procured the drugs, which led to their prosecutions. As it turns out, Doug Kennedy, now an employee at Fox News, contacted HuffPost and told them that he was not involved in the drug purchase either, leading the leftist trash heap to correct the story.

“This article previously stated incorrectly that Doug Kennedy was involved in helping his brother to purchase drugs in 1984. Kennedy was only sharing a room with Derrick Evans, who helped David purchase the drugs, according to an affidavit obtained by the New York Times. We regret the error,” HuffPost said the day after the piece was published.

Apparently, they didn’t regret it enough to make sure that the other person whom they accused of peddling dope that got someone killed, actually did so. For those keeping track at home, HuffPost went 0 for 2 on those accusations, at least according to Evans. He claims that the correction further defamed him, conjuring the image of HuffPost literally tripping over itself trying to print what is only a halfway-interesting scoop on the Kavanaugh ordeal anyway.

Evans is now a professor and community activist.

“The September 21 correction was another complete fabrication published by HuffPost with actual knowledge that both it and the original publication were false or in reckless disregard of the truth, again without ever attempting to contact Mr. Evans for comment,” the lawsuit said. “As HuffPost knew, there was NO affidavit reflecting that Mr. Evans ever helped anyone purchase illegal drugs. Defendants had no such affidavit in their possession, and they could not have had such an affidavit in their possession.”

The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.

Here’s hoping that HuffPost goes the way of Gawker and hemorrhages so much cash that it is forced out of business. As for Feinberg, who now works at far-left rag Slate, perhaps she’ll consider learning to code.