A Democrat Congressman from New Jersey accidentally spoke the truth about why elitist American politicians love illegal aliens and open borders, and now that the toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s likely going to be difficult to put it back in.

“Who do you think is taking care of our seniors?” the Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) said at an event in a wealthy suburb. “Who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns in Somerset County? We don’t usually ask, but a lot of those workers are undocumented. There are just not a lot of kids who, sorry, from Montgomery High, who are going to be doing that full time. You guys are going into robotics, for goodness’ sake.”

Malinowski then made the bogus claim that Americans aren’t willing to work those kinds of jobs, which is a lie, because some Americans do work those very jobs he’s talking about.

In other words, you’ve been replaced, American worker. And you’ve been replaced not because you won’t do blue collar work, but because the senior center and the landscaping company can increase their profit margins by paying illegals less than minimum wage, and paying them in cash, which eliminates that pesky payroll tax they’d have to pay for American workers, among other various federal government hoops.

Frankly, it’s surprising to hear this kind of rhetoric from a Democrat. Those who are plugged into politics generally understand that there’s really no difference between elitist Republicans and elitist Democrats in Washington, D.C., but the elite Democrats are supposed to shill for illegal aliens from the humanitarian angle. Republicans are the ones who generally use the economic angle. This helps the elites keep up the charade of pretending that there are significant policy differences between parties, and that America is not ruled by a plutocratic elite for those who aren’t really plugged into politics, but who come out to vote on election day.

Malinowski is fighting for re-electing in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, a swing district historically held by Republicans. He is currently in his first term as a congressman. He was reportedly the first Democrat in such a swing district (there are about 120 of them) that backed the House Democrats who planned to impeach President Donald J. Trump, a risky play when your seat is not guaranteed.

The idea that America needs illegal aliens to do low-skilled labor is even more untenable when you consider that millions of blue-collar jobs are expected to disappear in 10 to 15 years. Democrat Andrew Yang has built his entire presidential campaign on the fact that 10 million truckers – the most common job for Americans who hold only a high school education – are expected to be put out of work by automation in a decade. What’s going to happen to them when their jobs fall by the wayside? After that, retail jobs are expected to be automated. What about the Americans who work those jobs?

The answer is that they’re going to have to compete with illegal aliens for employment, as many Americans already do.

Allowing illegal aliens who have broken our laws to remain in America with impunity is very plainly, very simply, bad for American citizens. Both parties know it. Neither will do anything about it.