For a few days, the freshman congresswoman from New York who has caused us to scratch our heads so many times over the past seven and a half months was eerily silent on Twitter.

Between Aug. 15 and today, Aug. 23, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) only Tweeted twice. I’ve surmised that she was likely on vacation, or simply taking a Twitter break now that Congress is out of session, though she did make an appearance on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert,” a show that hosts a shocking amount of politicians for what is supposed to be late night comedy. (Actually, maybe this makes sense).

In any case, AOC was back on Twitter Friday afternoon, ending the blissful break and proving that she definitely was not brushing up on her history during her Twitter break. She re-entered the Twittersphere to say a whole lot of really dumb stuff about the Electoral College, which, for the record, will not be abolished in our lifetime.

“I see Fox News is big mad about abolishing the electoral college. So let’s talk about it. 1) If the GOP were the ‘silent majority’ they claim, they wouldn’t be so scared of a popular vote. They *know* they aren’t the majority. They rely on establishing minority rule for power,” she said.


The GOP didn’t “establish minority rule.” The Electoral College is far older than the GOP – 78 years before the GOP, to be exact. This is really basic stuff.

“2) This common claim about ‘if we don’t have the Electoral College then a handful of states will determine the presidency’ is BS. a. It’s the *EC itself* that breaks down power by state, pop vote decentralizes it b. The EC makes it so a handful of states DO determine elections,” she continued.

These claims are dubious, at best. If we elected presidents based on a national popular vote, the four cities with the highest populations, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, with a combined 17.5 million (and those are the legal ones) would essentially determine the outcome of every election. Those cities combined have a population larger than the 17 least-populated states combined as of 2010. The gap is likely wider now.

“3) LASTLY, this concept that the Electoral College is provides “fairness” to rural Americans over coastal states doesn’t hold any water whatsoever. First of all, virtually every state has rural communities. NY. California. Much of our states are rural. But very importantly…” she said.

Yes it does. See above proof. Some of those least populated 17 states include Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, West Virginia, Idaho… the list goes on. California and New York, the two most heavily populated states in America (which have far more residents than those bottom 17 states) are both located by the ocean. There’s a reason conventional wisdom is conventional.

“4) We do not give electoral affirmative action to any other group in America. Do Black Americans have their votes count more bc they have been disenfranchised for 100s of years? Do Reservations get an electoral vote? Does Puerto Rico and US territories get them? No. They don’t.” she continued.

Now we’re way off the rails, talking about electoral reparations. All Democrats have to do is not be insane, and they can’t handle it.

“5) The Electoral College isn’t about fairness at all; it’s about empowering some voters over others. Every vote should be = in America, no matter who you are or where you come from. The right thing to do is establish a Popular Vote. & GOP will do everything they can to fight it,” she ended.

In other words, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington – those guys that built the greatest system of government ever conceived by man – they were wrong. But the bartender from the Bronx is right.

Gimme a break.