Laura Loomer has won her appeal against Big Tech giants Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and will see her day against them in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Loomer is suing the Big Tech giants for conspiring to suppress her speech because of her political views. Loomer has been banned from Facebook and Twitter.

The District Court for the District of Columbia had dismissed Loomer’s lawsuit, but on appeal Loomer and the nonprofit group Freedom Watch prevailed over the Big Tech companies, which must now face Loomer at trial.

“In layman’s terms, this means Laura Loomer has a real case,” attorney Mike Cernovich declared.

The court order setting the case for trial can be found here.

The lawsuit alleges violations of antitrust laws, the First Amendment, and the D.C. Human Rights Act via collusion to suppress conservative content.

On May 2, 2019, Facebook banned Loomer from Facebook and Instagram. At the time of the ban, Loomer had nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook, and over 120,000 on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

The banning of Loomer, along with several other high profile conservatives sparked international outrage, as users wondered how Facebook could claim that Loomer and others were more “dangerous” than terrorist groups like ANTIFA and ISIS, which have accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Loomer’s attorney Larry Klayman sued Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg years ago for allegedly furthering a Palestinian intifada which resulted in the death of Jews. In addition to founding Freedom Watch, Klayman also founded Judicial Watch.

Loomer was banned from Twitter in November after criticizing radical Muslim Democrat Ilhan Omar. Loomer had hundreds of thousands of follower on the platform.

Apple and Google have also been accused by many of conspiring to censor conservative content, notably after Infowars host Alex Jones was banned from Facebook, YouTube and Apple’s iTunes store on the same day.

Project Veritas has released many videos of Big Tech insiders admitting that conservatives are being intentionally censored by these platforms.

Whether Loomer uses the Project Veritas whistleblowers and their testimony as evidence remains to be seen at trial.

Loomer began her career working as an undercover investigative journalist for Project Veritas where she worked for three years before going independent and launching her own media company, Illoominate Media.

Loomer holds the title of “Most Banned Woman In The World”.

She has been suspended and banned on all of the following platforms:








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You can support Loomer’s legal defense fund here. Along with this lawsuit, Loomer has also filed suit against Twitter and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Florida. She recently sued Facebook for $3 BILLION in punitive damages for defamation after the social media giant labeled her a “dangerous individual”, banned her from Facebook and Instagram, and then told its nearly 2 billion users that it was ok for people to incite lethal violence against Loomer on Facebook.