Law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom are reportedly seeking the arrest of a man wanted for allegedly insulting a Muslim with a “racist slur.”

The suspect and the Islamic supporter were waiting in line outside of Salford City’s Peninsula Stadium to purchase tickets for a soccer game when the alleged criminal act transpired: the man “verbally assaulted” the Muslim.

“You haven’t come to bomb the place have you?” the alleged perpetrator, a white, middle-aged man, reportedly asked the Muslim before bursting into laughter.

Offended by the jive, the Islamic man contacted the Islamic organization “TellMAMA” to raise awareness of the “Islamophobic and anti-Muslim abuse,” the group reported.

TellMAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), which records and measures anti-Muslim incidents in the United Kingdom, then reported the “hate crime” to the Greater Manchester Police.

“The Muslim man felt targeted due to his beard, ethnicity, and thobe, which demonstrates the intersections between racialisation and religiosity,” TellMAMA wrote in the documentation of the instance. “Non-Muslim men have faced racialised abuse and violence on the misperception that their appearance, including their ethnicity and beard, were indicators of the Islamic faith.”

A Salford City spokesperson told TellMAMA the assailant will face penalty for the “immense disappointment” sown by his “racist” behavior.

“We are hugely disappointed to learn of this, and it is being dealt with in cooperation with the relevant authorities. Salford City does not tolerate the use of racist or abusive language or behaviour and we will take relevant action against the person responsible in conjunction with Greater Manchester Police”.

TellMAMA urges the public to report instances of “racism,” both online and in-person, to Kick It Out, an “anti-discrimination” charity that claims “faith-based discrimination, which includes Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, rose by 75 percent” in the past year.

“Kick It Out has an online form and apps on Google Play and iOS to report racism and discrimination in football,” TellMAMA notes.

The police force of a major Western capital city are making it a crime to think and speak critically about Islam, warns Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

TellMAMA claims “that this man made a ‘racist slur’ against a Muslim. What race is Islam again? In reality, there are Muslims, and Islamic jihadis, of all races. But TellMAMA wants to intimidate Britons into believing that anyone who makes a rude quip to a Muslim is a racist, and thus deserving to have the book thrown at him”, he contends. “That’s all this was: a quip”

Britain now has growing armies of intolerant so-called SJWs, who are silencing “foul” or views.

The danger of Islam and intolerant armies of so-called social justice warriors to our society and culture is evidenced by the downward spiral of Europe, Spencer warned.

“Say anything you want: the guy was rude, or his joke was tasteless, or whatever. But an arrestable offense? That’s insane. The Muslim could have laughed it off, or come back with his own counter-quip. Instead, he contacted Tell MAMA, who contacted the police, who, instead of telling them to grow up and stop the endless victimhood posturing, is actually investigating,” he continued. “The cumulative effect of all the many incidents like this one in Britain will be a cowed and submissive populace that doesn’t dare utter the slightest negative word about Muslims or Islam, for fear of prosecution.”

“And that, not coincidentally, is the status Muslims enjoy in Islamic law, which forbids all criticism of Muslims or Islam on pain of death.”

Legislation restricting free speech in the United Kingdom came to an unprecedented climax in 2003, when the Communications Act banned all online posts that cause “annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another.”

The chilling effect of censorship in the UK since 2003 has only become more dismal.

In 2016, the British police detained and interrogated over 3,300 people for posting “hate speech” online, The Times revealed, having increased nearly 50 percent from 2014 to 2015.