Twitter was busted brazenly censoring a video President Donald Trump posted on Monday of his short-lived former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

The video compilation highlights repeated occasions in which Scaramucci praises the president and expresses loyalty to him.  

“Nobody ever heard of this dope until he met me,” Trump wrote. “He only lasted 11 days!”

Approximately an hour after Trump posted the video, it had zero views on Twitter.

“A video of the President of the United States keeps getting retweets and comments and likes and they have zero views?” investigative reporter Laura Loomer pointed out.

Footage Loomer posted observing Trump’s tweet also showcases Twitter skewing the number of comments left on the video. Within seconds the number of comments declined from 9,716 to 9, 712.  The number of comments then increased to 9,723 and fell back down to 9,719.

“The likes and the comments and the retweets keep going up,” but zero views, Loomer noted. “[Twitter CEO] Jack Dorsey, when he testified in front of Congress, said there is no such thing as censorship of conservatives and that they don’t censor anybody. But you can see in real time they are censoring President Trump – the President of the United States of America.”

After Loomer published the video of Twitter censoring Trump on YouTube the video went on to amass 3 million views.

President Trump warned Monday that Google interfered with the 2016 presidential election, tampering with as many as 16 million votes, and recommended legal recourse be taken against the monopolist tech giant.

Mounting evidence verifies the world’s most powerful tech companies are intentionally censoring conservative and Trump-supporting outlets in an attempt to undermine democratic elections.

“I hope something is done about this,” Loomer warned, “because we are going into a 2020 presidential election year and the Democrats are clearly colluding with Big Tech.”