After the Charlottesville riots in 2017, now-Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) took to Twitter to support Antifa, a violent leftist domestic terrorist organization.

“One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi,” he said on Twitter. “The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

It was the classic “it’s okay to punch a ‘Nazi'” take, where “Nazi” is defined as any person who supports President Donald J. Trump. In fairness, there were some actual neo-Nazi’s in Charlottesville, and those people are bad. But to lump them all together is stupid and removed from nuance, and Romney sent that Tweet only to virtue signal to his elite liberal friends that though he masquerades as a Republican, he is still part of their team.

Romney has behaved like a jilted ex-girlfriend since he gave up during the final three weeks of the 2012 election and handed it to Barack Obama, only to watch Trump come out of nowhere and win the 2016 presidential race on the Republican ticket in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, Romney has never condemned Antifa publicly – the same group that is known for mob violence, beating up journalists, and tearing down historical statues.

A search for the term “Antifa” on Romney’s Twitter account turns up no results:

While condemning neo-Nazis is great, so is condemning far-left domestic terrorists like Antifa, particularly after they assault a member of the free press, leaving him with a brain bleed, like Antifa did to Andy Ngo.

We reported on that incident:

Andy Ngo, who frequently covers the violent alt-left group Antifa in the Pacific Northwest, was beaten and bloodied by a gang of masked members of Antifa on Saturday in Portland, Oregon, an ANTIFA breeding ground.

Ngo was attacked during Antifa’s counter protest of the Proud Boys, a men’s fraternal organization known for protecting conservative speakers and celebrities from violent leftists across the United States.

Labeled a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security, Antifa is largely allowed to run amok across the United States with no pushback from law enforcement. Key members of the mainstream media and progressive movement have cheered on their violent tactics, even when the group attacks journalists and the elderly.

Ngo has become a frequent target of Antifa online because he captures their violent outbursts on camera, showing the American people and the world in whole how unhinged and out-of-control the domestic terrorist group has become since the election of Donald Trump.

Ngo was forced to spend a night in the emergency room recovering from his assault at the hands of the radical left.

Did Romney condemn Antifa? Of course not. He was radio silent. And why didn’t Romney condemn Antifa? Because ordinary, patriotic Americans live under the occupation of elite politicians and businesspeople who hate us.

Saturday, there will be an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally in Portland, the same place where Ngo was attacked. The Proud Boys, who are hosting the rally, are expected to be countered by the same far-left radicals who assaulted Ngo (and were never arrested or charged, by the way).

We’ll see if Romney has anything to say about today’s events.