Portland, Oregon will be hosting an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally on Saturday, organized by Joe Biggs and the Proud Boys which has been met with threats of violence by Rose City Antifa, and other core members of the violent radical left-wing group in recent weeks.

“The Proud Boys have a long history of defending rally goers and draining local bars of their beers and booze. We will have several prominent constitutional law attorneys on standby this weekend in the event that Antifa or the Portland Police Bureau infringe on our constitutionally protected right to assemble peacefully and communicate our love for America and all things patriotic,” concluded Joe Biggs, a two-time Purple Heart combat veteran who is also organizing and overseeing the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally.

The planned event primarily centers around support for the U.S. Senate’s proposition, backed by hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens and prominent conservative politicians, including Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Bill Cassidy (R-La), and President Donald J. Trump to officially label Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization on the FBI’s website. In addition, the rally (held at Tom McCall Waterfront Park) is also in response to the brutal and unprovoked June 29th Antifa attack on Andy Ngo that resulted in the openly gay journalist being hospitalized with brain bleed, among other serious injuries. Rose City Antifa described Ngo’s injuries as “superficial.”

-Injuries sustained by Ngo after being brutally attacked by masked-Antifa members in Portland in June
-Ngo Attack in Portland

The attack on Ngo is one of numerous examples of the violence committed against innocent people at the hands of Antifa. The group has been known to start fires, break windows on buildings and cars, throw urine and feces on crowd goers, as well as using bats, fists, pipes, brass knuckles, and knives. Meanwhile, the Proud Boys are guilty only of standing their ground and defending themselves against the radicalized domestic terrorist group.

Biggs announced the rally back in July on Facebook where he clearly laid out the goals of the event, highlighting peaceful assembly:

With the continuous demonization of Trump supporters by the mainstream media, the violent attacks on them have become more and more rampant. Those false stories have fueled these organized thugs into thinking they are fighting in some type of holy war. Americans began seeing this growing menace at the inauguration of Donald J Trump during the J20 riots. Windows were broken, cars were set on fire and everyday Americans were assaulted for simply loving their country. As terroristic as that might sound…these groups have gotten worse…way worse. In the past year, we have seen these groups throw Improvised explosive devices(IEDs), molotov cocktails, chemical agents, urine and feces in glass containers, fireworks, and many other things, with the intent to maim and kill. They chant Allahu Akbar and call for the end of America openly in the streets. This month this situation has escalated to a level that we have never seen before in American history. Openly threatening to blind Americans with muriatic acid, hospitalizing journalist Andy Ngo for doing his job, attacking 2 men with crowbars on the streets and fracturing their skulls. One of these terrorists just last week attempted to firebomb an ICE facility because people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have demonized ICE agents for simply doing their jobs.

Most local state and federal law enforcement agencies keep the peace while allowing all parties to demonstrate their first amendment rights without violence. Ted Wheeler has failed miserably. He has allowed these domestic terrorists to commit acts of violence against the people of the United States.

On August 17th we want to peacefully unite under one message. We want to put an end to domestic terrorism. Antifa and The John Brown Gun Club must be designated as a terrorist organization. We have had enough. It’s time to just say, no. Ted Wheeler and PPB put out a statement saying they will START doing their jobs(when did they stop?). Well then we are going to put that statement to the test. We will assemble peacefully at the Waterfront on August 17th at 11 a.m shortly after, we will be conducting a march.

On August 17th we want to peacefully unite under one message:


Thank you.
– The Organizers

What to bring:

– American Flags (as many as you can get your hands on)
– Trump flags
– Patriotic gear
– a smile

What to keep home:

– Weapons
– excessive LARPing gear
– shields
– items you can’t haul during the march
– a shitty attitude
– cringey signs

Antifa continually go on the offensive, attacking innocent people and proving time and again the necessity of the FBI to officially recognize Antifa as a domestic terror group.

“We’ve never gone out and tried to instigate fights or instigate violence,” said Proud Boy Maxwell Hare, who defended himself after Antifa followed and attacked Hare and a group of friends at a speaking event held at the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side last October. “They’re a violent, militant anarchist group,” he said of Antifa. “They’re individuals that show up to events in black masks and black hoods to disrupt the event.”

The group “PopMob” posted a video clip on Twitter stating they plan to “drown out” hate with “art, dance, music, noise, costumes & more.” It’s the “more” part of this statement that is concerning. “Let’s give these creeps a real PDX welcome,” the clip states.

Rose City Antifa have publicly announced they fully intend on committing acts of violence against anyone who “attempts to invade our town.” Rose City Antifa is based out of Portland, Oregon, and considered to be the nation’s oldest active anti-fascist group.

“We will not allow Portland to be a playground for far-right violence,” said “David”, spokesperson for Rose City Antifa. “We will not shy away from defending the city or ourselves.”

Rose City Antifa have also been very active in an online doxxing campaign of members of the Proud Boys and their affiliates. Their website calls for any information that would personally identify and/or locate Proud Boys members to be emailed into them directly and to follow the hashtag #DoxxAllYourBoys on Twitter for updates.

“Over the next few weeks Rose City Antifa will be releasing detailed information on many of the Proud Boys in Oregon and Washington, so that locals can stay safe from these violent bigots. The first installment will come tomorrow. You can follow along on our website and on Twitter, using the hashtag #DoxxAllYourBoys. Rose City Antifa will continue to defend our city and our communities against any incursion by racists and fascists. If you have information about Proud Boy or other white supremacist organizing, please email us at fight_them_back@riseup.net

“We say, enough is enough. If you rally the far-right to attack our city and profit by their violence, you are one of them. And the community will stop you, however it can, as many times as it must.

-June 29, 2019 statement via: Official Rose City Antifa website

An official public statement to potential attendees was released by organizers of the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally affirming that bringing weapons of any kind will NOT be tolerated: “Anyone that intends on joining the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally on Saturday in Downtown Portland should refrain from bringing any items or objects that could be considered weapons. You will be ejected, sight-unseen, period.”

Enrique Tarrio, Chairman of the Proud Boys and co-organizer of the D.C. “Demand Free Speech” rally, stated they are “not coming to Portland to cause problems,” but rather to continue to show support to “innocent people, journalists and our brave law enforcement officers.”

“Unfortunately, it looks like an Antifa sympathizer or a politically motivated public relations staffer with the Portland Police Bureau is intent on creating a cloud of confusion surrounding Saturday’s gathering. As such, it is extremely important for us to make clear several things yet again; we will not tolerate violence or racism, those looking to engage in racism or violence should stay home or you will be mocked and humiliated in the most peaceful manner possible. We have been in contact with a liaison officer with the Portland Police Bureau and find it very concerning that they are claiming otherwise. We have engaged with local and federal law enforcement regarding their concerns from the beginning. To say otherwise is simply not true,” stated Tarrio.

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