Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has spent a fair bit of time railing against the “gun violence epidemic” in the United States, but has spent more time hanging around Islamic radicals known for their ties to fringe groups, and for posing menacingly for photos with heavy-duty weapons.

On June 5, she made the wild and unsubstantiated claim on her Twitter account that 500 people die from gun violence every day.

“How many more lives will we let gun violence claim?” she asked rhetorically.

But Gateway Pundit made an observation about one of Omar’s apparent friends.

“The other ironic thing about Omar’s tweet is that she hangs out with radicals like Hassan Shibly who is believed to be the one that contributed to Ilhan Omar’s speech delivered during the LA CAIR fundraiser in March 23rd, 2019,” the site reported. “The speech where Omar said ‘Some people did something’ when referring to 9-11.”

“Hassan Shibly is also connected to CAIR, the Hamas-related Council on American-Islamic Relations, that pushes Islamic causes in the US. Hassan also appears to have an affinity for guns. No doubt this was known the many times he visited Obama’s White House,” Gateway Pundit continued, adding two graphics.

Shibly allegedly visited the Obama White House:

This is not the first story about the people who surround Omar that should raise eyebrows.

Laura Loomer first reported a year ago for Big League Politics that Omar’s “campaign muscle” was a former candidate for Minnesota State House and Somali-born man convicted of stabbing several people.

From Loomer’s report:

But this election season could have been a lot weirder in Minnesota by having a candidate on their ballot who allegedly was convicted of stabbing people. That potential candidate reportedly served as the campaign “muscle” for Ilhan Omar.

Back in January 2018, another Somali immigrant from the state of Ohio who moved to Minnesota almost threw his hat in the ring for Minnesota state representative in District 62A.

Guhaad Said, who is also known as Guhaad Hashi, Caaqil Guhaad Hashi and Guhaad Hashi Said, made the announcement he was running for Minnesota State House in January on his Facebook page, “Caaqil Guhaad Hashi” and stated in a post on his page: “Running for Minnesota House of Representatives is truly an honor and a job I take very seriously. The most important part of my job is to help state government work more effectively for you.”

In his campaign announcement, however, there was no mention about his arrest in Columbus, Ohio where he pled guilty to aggravated assault on July 9, 2015, which in Ohio is a Level 4 felony.

According to Columbus, Ohio online police reports, the incident occurred on Thursday, July 3, 2015 at approximately 3:10A.M.  Officers and medics were dispatched to 3341 Derbyshire Drive, Apartment A on a report of a person who was stabbed.  Upon arrival, officers found the victim suffering from multiple cuts and lacerations.  The victim was transported to the hospital in stable condition.  The police report said officers also found two additional victims at the scene who also sustained various wounds from being stabbed with a knife.  The victims identified the suspect and indicated the incident occurred as a result of a disagreement and fight between the suspect and victims.  The report stated all of the victims were expected to recover from their injuries and the suspect, Guhaad Said was arrested at the scene.

Guhaad Said made news in Minnesota in 2016 when he served as the “muscle” for the campaign of Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar, who became the first Somali-American state representative in the country.

In a September 2016 Alpha News story, a source within the Somali community provided Minnesota’s Alpha News with information in exchange for anonymity regarding the Omar state house campaign.  The source, called “Z”, specifically mentioned Guhaad and identified him as the “campaign muscle” for Omar.  “Z” told Alpha News that Guhaad was searching for the person or persons who leaked the information that Omar had married her biological brother for immigration fraud purposes.  “He serves as [Omar’s] muscle in the Somali community and has been leading a witch hunt to out ‘the snitch’ in the community. He has used everything from intimidation to threats to silence community members from speaking out about this, which is why no Somali has publicly come forward to state what we all know to be true.”

Thursday, Omar and her fellow freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, also a Democrat and Muslim, were banned from traveling to Israel in a move that has infuriated some on the political left, who apparently do not believe that nations should have the right to self-determination.