In what was a wonderful reminder of the freedoms that Americans often take for granted, protestors in Hong Kong waved American flags, and sang our National Anthem as they protested an oppressive regime in Beijing.

For months, protestors in Hong Kong have been standing up to leaders in Beijing over what they believe is unfair representation in how Hong Kong is governed. The protests appear to have come to a head over the weekend and into this week, after protestors stormed the airport in Hong Kong – the busiest in the world – causing it to shut down departing and arriving flights. Tensions have risen between protestors and Chinese authorities as a curious press, broadcasting to the rest of the world, looks on.

In a few tense moments, the protests have become violent. Sky News reported that one of its correspondents what physically assaulted during a scuffle with police:

Some Hong Kong police have gone undercover, disguised as protestors in order to monitor and arrest protestors:


In turn, that has caused the protestors to detain fellow protestors whom they believe might be undercover police officers:

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities gear up, apparently sending armed troops and military equipment towards Hong Kong:

As the world watches, President Donald J. Trump addressed the situation on Twitter.

“Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!” he said.

Many have referenced the infamous Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, which ended with 300 dead Chinese civilians, and thousands more wounded.

But through the protests, references to the rights granted by God and imparted upon the American people have shone through. There is no First Amendment or right to peaceably assemble in Hong Kong, which lives under brutal communist rule.

Two weeks ago, as the United States endured two brutal mass shootings – one in Dayton, Ohio, and another in El Paso, Texas – a Hong Kong protestor was photographed with a sign that read “We need the 2nd Amendment.”

While American citizens – particularly those on the political left – work to take away our right to self determination, the citizens of Hong Kong envy us.

WATCH them sing our National Anthem: