Dozens of anti-ICE protesters were arrested after they blocked the West Side Highway in New York City on Saturday, causing traffic gridlock.

The demonstrators caused law enforcement officials to shut down part of the busy highway as they sat in the middle of street with arms linked.

“ICE lurks here! ICE raids have got to go,” they chanted. “I believe that we will win! Reunite Families!”

Holding signs that read, “Close the Camps,” “ABOLISH ICE” and “No Human is Illegal,” the protesters ignored NYPD requests to stop obstructing traffic.

“You are unlawfully in the roadway and obstructing vehicular traffic. You are ordered to leave the roadway,” an NYPD command speaker told the so-called social justice warriors.

One of the demonstrators claimed getting arrested for blocking traffic was their objective.

“We’re pretty happy about [the arrests]. That was the goal,” the protester, Miriam Bernstein, told the New York Post. “People volunteered specifically to be arrested. We were disrupting traffic to raise awareness and get some support.”

Ignoring law enforcement demonstrates “we don’t support violence,” sociology professor Katia Peria added.

“Civil disobedience shows that we aren’t violent,” she said.

Those arrested will reportedly be charged with disorderly conduct.

Last month, during a “March to Close the Concentration Camps” event, protesters rallied outside a Colorado ICE facility where illegal immigrants are housed. The protesters removed an American flag from the facility’s flagpole and replaced it with a Mexican Flag. They also removed a Blue Lives Matter flag, spray painted the words “Abolish ICE” on it and hung it upside down along side their Mexican flag.