Kellyanne Conway explained on “Fox News Sunday” that President Trump’s recent retweet of comedian and conservative commentator Terrence K. Williams was more to reflect his interest in investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s death, and less about pushing any kind of conspiracy theory surrounding Epstein’s death on Saturday.

“I think that the president just wants everything investigated,” Conway explained in an interview with Fox News host Bill Hemmer Sunday. “There is some unsealed information implicating some people very high up.”

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“There’s always this rush to, ‘We need transparency, we need accountability’ when it involves fictional accusations like collusion with Russia to swing an election,” she continued. “This seems to be very concrete in that Jeffrey Epstein has done some very bad things over a number of years.”

William’s tweet included a video clip where in he said he was called a “conspiracy theorist” by liberals when he suggested last month that Epstein would not make it to trial. Williams also asked how something like this could happen and offered one theory that guards were paid off to look the other way.

Mr. Williams is known for using comedy in his commentary on Twitter, so this particular tweet was nothing out of the ordinary. Williams jokingly stated that some people who have been directly linked to the Clintons over the years have died in strange ways, often times losing their lives (conveniently) before being able to testify in court.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

-Ian Fleming

Considering the fact that former President Bill Clinton was a known associate of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and that he was implicated in the unsealed documents in the Epstein case – released one day prior to his death – it’s no surprise that the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount trended on Twitter on Saturday. Thousands of people, all over the political spectrum used deductive reasoning, peppered with a tinge of conspiracy in theorizing whether the Clinton’s may have had any role in Epstein’s death.

Conway also defended Attorney General William Barr’s vow to get to the bottom of Epstein’s death and to pursue a full investigation. “Everybody should be at least relieved when an attorney general takes action as quickly as Attorney General Barr did yesterday.”

In addition, Conway, counselor to the president, also addressed other topics during the interview, including the fact that President Trump had recently discussed background checks with lawmakers from both parties and explained that background checks have been expanded, pointing to the Fix NICS ACT that President Trump signed last year. “We want to make sure that people who should not have firearms don’t,” she told Hemmer.

Conway briefly touched on Kim Jong Un’s recent supervised missile tests, noting President Trump was looking forward to meeting with Kim in the future, though as it stands, no meetings have been planned. Conway added that sanctions remain in place, but that President Trump is using economic incentives to sway North Korea to abandon their activities, according to Fox News.

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