A wild hashtag was the top trend on Twitter in the United States nationally after pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell early Saturday morning.

#ClintonBodyCount was at the top of the list of trending items on Twitter for at least an hour Saturday morning.

Right wing cartoonist Ben Garrison Tweeted using the hashtag:

So did Nick Searcy, a Hollywood filmmaker and known supporter of President Donald J. Trump:

The Clinton Body Count is a long-running list of people close to president Bill Clinton and his wife, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Many people believe – like something out of a Hollywood mystery – that the Clinton’s have ordered the deaths of potential political foes.

Perhaps the most famous Clinton Body Count story is that of Vince Foster, who was the Deputy White House Counsel for the first six months of the Clinton presidency. He was a partner at Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, where he was friendly with Hillary Clinton. He died of a gunshot wound to the back of his head, sparking what would end up being a three year investigation into whether he killed himself, or whether foul play was involved. Ultimately, it was decided that Foster’s death was a suicide.

At the time of his death, there were rumors that he had an affair with Hillary Clinton, and many questioned the original investigation into Foster’s death, claiming that his body had been moved after he died, but before authorities arrived on the scene.

The #ClintonBodyCount hashtag was later replaced with #TrumpBodyCount by left-leaning Twitter shortly thereafter. The trends may have been manipulated by Twitter to take the heat off of the Clintons. Conservative personality Mindy Robinson noted that despite the fact that the #TrumpBodyCount hashtag had far fewer Tweets, it still made the top of the Trends list:

In any case, it appears that during a time of political division in the United States, neither side of the political aisle believes that Epstein committed suicide. Rather, the political left and right both seem to believe that he was killed because he had dirt on powerful members of the ruling political class. As reported this morning at LauraLoomer.US, far-left MSNBC host and “Russian Collusion” conspiracy theorist Joe Scarborough blamed Russia for killing Epstein.

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center in New York City early Saturday morning. He had previously been placed on suicide watch after an alleged attempt to take his own life two weeks ago. He faced charges of sex trafficking nearly a decade after being convicted of soliciting sex from minors, for which he was given a cushy plea deal.

On Friday, one day before Epstein was found dead, hundreds of documents were released implicating several high-profile political influencers in Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking scheme, including former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, as well as British Prince Andrew of Windsor. Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz has also been implicated in the alleged crimes, but actually worked with Mike Cernovich to have documents on Epstein’s 2007 case released in order to clear his name.