Far left blogger Jared Holt defamed prominent conservative Ali Alexander last week, suggesting he had “prior knowledge of a mass shooting” and that he “would be a prime person for the FBI to take interest in.”

Holt is an operative of the Nazi collaborator George Soros-funded 501(c)(4) “People For the American Way.”


Alexander responded, “This is libel. You have no idea who I’ve told what. Retract and issue an apology or I’ll sue the fuck out of you, Jared.”


Following Holt’s libelous tweet, one of Holt’s far left followers went on a mass murder shooting spree in Dayton, Ohio.

Holt’s defamatory tweet alleging that Alexander had foreknowledge of the El Paso shooting was one of the last tweets read by the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, who used the Twitter name “Flowers for Atomsk.”

Alexander has exclusively told LauraLoomer.US, “I’m exploring my options since Jared Holt has deleted all of his interactions with the Dayton shooter except his libelous commentary which led to incitement of death threats, lewd pictures, and numerous calls to the FBI with allegations that Mike Cernovich and I were accomplices to the El Paso shooter.”

Alexander has been sent numerous death threats and obscene pictures because of Holt’s defamatory tweet.

“The only tweet he left up was read and favorited hours before he pulled the trigger on those souls that have passed, many of whom were African-American – they look like me,” said Alexander. “It’s surreal that Right Wing Watch.org’s Jared Holt is the connection between the Dayton, Ohio shooting and the El Paso shooting.”

CJ Pearson and other prominent conservatives were disgusted and outraged by Holt’s dangerous defamation.


The Dayton shooter was a self-described “leftist who supported Antifa” who “liked” Holt’s defamation against Alexander and a violent threat against OAN reporter Jack Posobiec.

Alexander has contacted the FBI about the shooter’s links to Holt.


Holt began deleting evidence of his interactions with the Dayton shooter.


CNN is omitting the Dayton terrorist’s ties to Holt and “likes” targeting Alexander and Posobiec.


Alexander has been falsely reported to the FBI several times because of Holt’s defamatory tweet.


Mike Cernovich wrote an article detailing the Dayton killer’s left wing media ties

“The implication here is serious,” wrote Alexander. “It means that people died in Ohio because a left-wing non-profit blogger, Jared Holt, radicalized a deranged reader of his by falsely alleging that Mike Cernovich and myself were accomplices in the El Paso horror. It was a retaliation killing.”

A study has found that the media fascination with mass shooting is creating more mass shooters.