British free speech activist Tommy Robinson, who was jailed for the second time after filming a Muslim grooming gang during its trial outside the Leeds Crown Court, wrote a letter to his supporters from prison.

“I’ve been held in total isolation since the moment I entered Belmarsh. I’ve not seen another inmate; I’m held in prison within a prison,” Robinson said. “I believe the unit that I’m held on was built for IAN HUNTLEY! Other prisoners that have been held here are Abu Hamza and Michael Adebalago! [sic]”

Huntley murdered two 10-old-girls in 2002, and Hamza was a terrorist Islamic preacher who was convicted in Britain 2012 for inciting violence and racial hatred. In 2015, he was convicted in the United States on 11 terrorism charges and sentenced to life in prison. Adebalajo was a Muslim convert who killed a British Army soldier in 2013 and was sentenced to life in prison.

Robinson seemed to be surprised that he was being held in the same cell as such criminals, given that his crime essentially boiled down to filming on the street. The official conviction, for which Robinson was originally jailed and released in 2018, was for contempt of court. Robinson was allowed out of jail last August while his conviction was appealed. He lost his appeal and was sent back to jail last month.

He is being held at HMP Belmarsh, a prison in Thamesmead, London.

“The staff at Belmarsh have been great, the governor has made sure all of my rights are recognised, to be honest he’s making the best of a difficult situation having me as a prisoner. I am 100% safe; this is a totally different sentence to my last in HMP Onley,” Robinson wrote.

Robinson said that he was being confined for his own protection.

He also revealed information from his conviction.

Let me quote you WORD FOR WORD what the Judge at the head of the Queen’s bench division said during her summing up. Let me just point out first that she was promoted to this position just two weeks before my trial! “the contempt’s we have found proved were NOT ones of deliberate defiance, there was NO intention to interfere with the administration of justice and in the event neither the Akhtar trial or the trial that followed were prejudiced.”

What she is saying right there is that she convicted a journalist of making a mistake that had ZERO impact on the trial. Even my enemies can see that serving five months on solitary confinement for what she describes as not deliberate is simply not fair. I contest that I even broke any law, it’s simple for those watching the video that the punishment does not fit the crime sorry, my so-called ‘mistake’. I’ve not actually been convicted of a crime, it’s a civil offence! The judges who sentenced me went against the law,
they judged AGAINST what the law says on their own website!

Robinson described his daily routine, which appears to include only about two hours outside of his cell in the morning. He said that he is receiving letters sent by supporter, and is “grateful” for them.

Robinson is appealing his case to the British Supreme Court.

“It would be impossible to fight the establishment without your help and love. My wife’s view is that it’ll be another trial more stress and kissing the kid’s goodbye again, but for me, another trial is another chance to expose their lies,” he said. “I have to fight it! I just hope you’ll see it is important as I do as it’s a crazy amount of legal costs. Without your help and support I’m sure I’d already be a broken man, but instead I’m pumped and ready for round three. The establishment relies on the fact that they don’t think we’ll be able to afford to keep in the fight, so I will ask you to share this everywhere. I’m asking once again, help me fight the establishment! It’s death, prison or glory.”

You can read the full letter and support Tommy here.