With a complete lack of interesting candidates in the 2020 Democratic primary field, despite the fact that they number more than 20, rumors and innuendo had been circling in the political world that former First Lady Michelle Obama might jump into the race to save the Democrats.

But according to Obama herself, she’s disinterested running for the highest office in the land.

“A lot of people want you to run for president. You’ve publicly said that you aren’t interested, but everyone says that until they actually run,” 12-year-old journalist for Amtrak’s magazine “The National” Hilde Lysiak asked. “Just between us, if you thought the country needed you and you thought you could really help our nation, is there even a one percent chance you’d consider running?”

Obama responded in the negative.

Just between us, and the readers of this magazine – there’s zero chance,” she said. “There are so many ways to improve this country and build a better world, and I keep doing plenty of them, from working with young people to helping families lead healthier lives. But sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office will never be one of them. It’s just not for me.”

One prominent leftist, filmmaker Michael Moore, called on Obama to run Wednesday night on an MSNBC panel after two nights of uninspiring debate.

“She is a beloved American and she would go in there and she would beat him,” he said. “She would beat him in the debates, he wouldn’t be able to bully her, he wouldn’t be able to nickname her.”