Jennifer Lopez refused to submit to the will of the leftist BDS mob, and traveled to Israel where she performed a show in Tel Aviv and vacationed with her fiancé, baseball legend Alex Rodriguez.

“There was nothing that was going to stop us from being in Israel,” Lopez’s manager Benny Medina said in an interview on IsraeliTV. “It’s really simple: Tel Aviv and Israel deserve Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Lopez deserves Israel.”

Lopez and A-Rod posted on their social media accounts as they vacationed, taking photos at the Western Wall and having a camel ride:


A-Rod took to Instagram to praise Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem, you are unforgettable. What a perfect finale to our first trip to this beautiful land,” he said.

Celebrities are taking heat from the far-left BDS crowd for doing shows in Israel, which has is an enemy to Israel.

Lionel Richie blocked leftist activists CODEPINK on Twitter after they started a campaign against his upcoming performance in Israel, calling the nation an “Apartheid” state.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Bon Jovi faced a similar campaign when he performed in Israel.

“We don’t get into politics. Rock ‘n’ roll goes everywhere and helps people forget about the world and have a good time. It doesn’t divide, and that’s what we’re talking about – unification, not dividing,” his keyboardist said.

Artist Lana Del Rey cancelled a show in the face of BDS movement criticism last year, according to Fox News.