ISIS supporters are disseminating propaganda posters depicting attacks on London, New York and San Francisco in an effort to recruit jihadists.

The posters feature a terrorist wearing a suicide bomb in Manhattan and the Place of Westminster in London enflamed.

Jihadists are seen in one poster vowing to destroy “the kufar,” an Islamic term for infidels.

“Through our blood comes our success and we will give it our best to destroy the kuffar – we will slaughter them all,” the poster states alongside the suicide bomber and a New York City yellow cab.

“Kill them all” and “slit their throats [and] watch them die,” an ISIS member declares in another poster, as he waves the terror group’s flag in the streets of San Francisco.

The posters were discovered by the Middle East Research Institute after ISIS-linked media networks shared the mock-up images on their channels.

ISIS aired the recruitment posters just days after the Justice Department arrests of Ahmed Mahad and Abdi Yemani Hussein, two Somali refugees who were apprehended as they attempted to flee the U.S. to Egypt to join ISIS. The two men are suspected of conspiring to provide material support and resources to the terror group.

According to court documents, Mohamed and Hussein spent months repeatedly demonstrating their allegiance to ISIS. Audio of their discussions about joining ISIS overseas were recorded by an undercover FBI Agent.  

During one conversation with the undercover agents, Mohamed declared “the best wake-up call is Islamic State to get another victory or another 9/11,” according to the Arizona Republic.

President Trump on Tuesday reminded Americans that the threat of terrorism is still with us.

In March, the final ISIS stronghold in Syria, the village of Baghouz, was liberated by the Kurdish-led, U.S.-allied Syrian Democratic Forces. Troops took down the black flags of ISIS, but none of the main surviving ISIS leaders were caught inside Baghouz. Instead, they abandoned their forces and fled to fight alone and prepared for another insurgency, Fox News reports.

Reports surfaced in February of demoralized ISIS fighters complaining that “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was nowhere to be found when the final battle was joined. In fact, there were reports the terrorist leader barely survived a coup attempt from his own troops in January and went into hiding.

The collapse of the ISIS caliphate in Baghouz and parts of Iraq marked the territorial defeat of the terror group, but the struggle against the jihadist ideology remains an ongoing threat, the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of staff, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, warns.

“We can all certainly be proud of the progress that has taken place since 2015 … in terms of clearing ISIS from Mosul, from Raqqa, from Fallujah and so forth,” Dunford told reporters while meeting U.S. and coalition leaders Friday in Baghdad. “But we also know there is still a fairly vibrant insurgency that has reverted to guerilla tactics, and so there is still a threat.”

The Trump administration’s decimation of ISIS in Syria “has significantly changed the character of the threat” ISIS poses, Dunford explained.

“I think we have disrupted them. We have cleared them. … But we need to realize that this is a long-term campaign, and until the conditions that fed ISIS in the first place are addressed, there is still violence across the Middle East,” he said. “And as we know, ISIS is not only just a threat here, but it is a transregional threat.”