Pop legend Lionel Richie blocked Code Pink after the women’s ant-war group launched a petition and a harassment campaign demanding Richie cancel his upcoming show in Israel.  

Richie’s “Hello” tour in Tel Aviv “will act as an endorsement of Israel’s brutal systems of military occupation and apartheid,” Code Pink: Women for Peace wrote in an open letter.

“Please act now for freedom, dignity, and equality for all in Israel/Palestine. Please cancel your concert in Israel.”

Richie responded by blocking CodePink’s Twitter account on Wednesday.

CodePink’s national co-director Ariel Gold shortly after blasted the singer.

“Don’t be such a snowflake,” she shot back. “You closing your eyes to what is happening to Palestinians won’t stop it from happening or you from being complicit if you perform in Israel.”

 The winner of multiple Grammy and American Music awards, as well as the 1985 Academy Award for “Say You, Say Me,” has been a longtime supporter of Israel. He reportedly performed at a fundraiser in Los Angeles in 2013 for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

 Richie is scheduled to perform in central Israel, on Sept. 12 and will be his first time performing in the country.

CodePink also attempted to stop pop icon Jennifer Lopez from performing in Israel, but she nonetheless performed in Tel Aviv Thursday night.