Fast-talking pundit and alleged conservative Ben Shapiro drew the ire of supporters of President Donald J. Trump during last night’s second round of the second Democratic Party primary debates.

“I’ll be honest, I’m rooting for [Andrew Yang],” Shapiro said as the debate began.

Shapiro never “rooted” for President Donald J. Trump, and instead spent the entire 2016 election cycle rooting against him – even after he won the Republican nomination. Trump was not sufficiently conservative enough for Shapiro, as explained in his now infamous op-ed titled “I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s Why.”

But all of a sudden, Shapiro – the arbiter of “true conservatism” – finds himself cheering for a Democrat whose flagship policy proposal is Universal Basic Income.

Shapiro spent the rest of the night pumping Yang up.

He Retweeted Ezra Klein, who said “Yang is having a very good debate,” and that he “sounds different than the other candidates.”

He even Retweeted Obama-appointed former U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York and fellow Trump hater Preet Bharara, who encouraged the other Democrat candidates to follow Yang’s lead.

At the end of the debate, he championed Yang.

“My boy [Andrew Yang] with the strong performance,” Shapiro said, linking to an interview he did Yang.

The prospect of a third-party run by Yang, who will not win the Democratic Party nomination, is very real. Yang claims to be “building a coalition” of people from across the political spectrum, including “disaffected Trump voters.” It’s easy to see Shapiro, a sworn Trump enemy, supporting such an effort, given his proclivity for Yang.

So much for that whole “true conservatism” thing.