New documents published by The Daily Mail show that Jeffrey Epstein, an elite power broker in social and political circles, became an FBI informant in order to avoid federal charges after he was caught committing sex crimes with minors.

“On 9/11/08, case agent advised writer that Epstein is currently being prosecuted by the State of Florida and is complying with all the conditions of his plea deal with the State of Florida,” according to the court documents.

“Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon,” the document continued. “Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the State of Florida.”


A federal investigation into Epstein’s dealings with underage women had been ongoing for two years at the time the above documents were filed, according to Daily Mail, but the case had been dormant since February of 2011. During that time, Epstein was likely feeding information to the feds.

Epstein served 13 months on state charges of “solicitation” – essentially labeling a minor who could not consent to sexual activity a prostitute. He served most of his time – 12 hours per day – at an office where he worked on supervised release.

The investigation into Epstein’s lewd activities with minors first began when he solicited a 15-year-old girl to give him massages in the nude. He then paid the girl $200 every time she brought him more girls to provide the same service. She found most of his victims at her high school, and reportedly brought Epstein at least six girls between the ages of 14 and 16 for erotic massages.

The new documents put to rest much of the speculation about how Epstein was able to secure such a swell plea deal on very serious charges, particularly with his reputation as a wealthy playboy. Some accused Epstein of being a Mossad agent, while others speculated that he might have been running a state-sponsored blackmail operation to entrap powerful people, allowing them to be controlled by intelligence services. The latest evidence seems to indicate that he was simply a federal informant. Who he ratted out remains unanswered.

On July 8, Epstein was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges pertaining to exploiting dozens of minors. The charges are similar in nature to those he faced over a decade ago.

“Epstein is said to have abused girls in his homes in both New York and Palm Beach, Fla. At both locations, Epstein recruited victims to give him massages’ that quickly turned sexual, prosecutors said. Epstein paid his victims hundreds of dollars in cash, according to the indictment,” TIME said.

Epstein, 66, pleaded not guilty on the latest charges. He was denied bail, and faces a maximum of 45 years in prison if convicted.

Last week, Epstein was found mysteriously injured in his cell.

“Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found nearly unconscious with bruising around his neck on Tuesday, according to the New York Post and other news outlets. Prison officials and other law enforcement sources were unable to confirm if the injuries were self-inflicted or caused by another person,” LauraLoomer.us reported.

“Epstein, a longtime close personal friend of Bill Clinton and booster to the Clinton Foundation, has spent decades sexually assaulting teenage girls at his Manhattan townhouse and palatial estate in South Florida. Mr. Epstein also owns a private island in the Caribbean, that has become known as ‘pedophile island.'”