A Congressional candidate who is challenging Rep. Justin Amash, a recently-turned Michigan Independent, has been banned from Instagram.

Tom Norton received the following message from the Facebook-owned platform:

“Your account has been disabled for violating our terms,” the message said.

It did not say what specific violation occurred.

“Silicon Valley Big Tech firms, in pursuit of their totalitarian censorship regime, is coordinating elections on behalf of globalist candidates in federal election to save their favorite open-border, cheap labor, Trump hating Congresscritter, Justin Amash,” Norton told The Rundown News.

“This is a serious offense that goes to the core of how our elections are decided,” he continued. “Do we allow a few socialist-leaning billionaires in California to buy every election across America with their digital tools? Or do we hold them to account for their constant effort to purchase these election? The FEC needs to investigate at once. Whoever at Facebook and Instagram is allowing this censorship to move forward needs to be prosecuted with felony coordination.”

Instagram has banned many conservatives – including Laura Loomer – who is suing its parent company Facebook for $3 billion. Norton appears to be the first candidate running for office who has been banned. Even worse, he is running for federal office. Instagram is now directly meddling in statewide elections, without apparent recourse.