Fresh off of the news that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has filed for divorce from her husband (not her brother, the other husband) for a second time, Daily Mail released a video of her leaving a restaurant with an unidentified man, with whom she appeared to be engaged in a romantic manner.

“She left Caffé Pinguini in Playa Del Rey, a beachside enclave in Los Angeles, with a man who took pains not to allow the couple to be photographed,” according to the news site. “And DailyMailTV has learned that an eyewitness observed Omar and her companion holding hands while dining inside the bistro.”

Daily Mail was not specific about the date on which the video was taken, but said it was around the time that Omar’s 9/11 “somebody did something” comments re-surfaced, which happened in mid-April.

“The bigger question is why they were at this particular restaurant,” the man who took the video said. “It’s so out of the way. It’s the sort of place you go when you don’t want anyone to know where you are.”

Reports surfaced late last week that Omar was headed for her third divorce. This is the second time she has divorced her first husband Ahmed Hirsi, whom she first married in 2002 and with whom she has children. She reportedly moved into a “luxurious” condo complex in Minneapolis.

This site reported:

The Muslim congresswoman first married Hirsi in 2002 when she was 19. She then divorced Hirsi in 2008 and married the man alleged to be her biological brother, Ahmed Elmi, in 2009.

She and Elmi divorced in 2017 and she remarried Hirsi in 2018 and had a third child. Public records show Omar was still living with Hirsi while she was married to her brother.

Furthermore, documents recently disclosed from North Dakota State University, where Omar attended college with Elmi, reveal the Democratic lawmaker was married to both Elmi and Hiris at the same time.

As LauraLoomer.us has reported, “A marriage certificate dated February 12, 2009, shows Ilhan Abdullaahi Omar married a man by the name of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Hennepin County, Minnesota, who she identified as a British citizen.

“On another application dated September 30, 2002, Omar applied for a marriage license in Minnesota to marry the father of her children, Ahmed “Hirsi”, otherwise known as Ahmed Aden.”

According to the Daily Mail, Omar recently moved into a penthouse apartment in an upscale Minneapolis neighborhood. Hirsi reportedly has been residing at the apartment when Omar is out of town, drawing speculation about whether or not her split is legitimate.

When confronted by Daily Mail outside of Omar’s $2,860 a month complex about his marriage, Hirsi fled the scene.

“Wow. I can’t comment on that,” he said.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything,” he continued before driving off in his BMW.

Witnesses told the Daily Mail Hirsi has been spotted leaving Omar’s home “alone at 7:45 am and returning to drop off his mother and his younger daughter nearly three hours later.”

Laura Loomer