A CNN staffer issued an apology Friday after his old tweets in which he declares “I love you, Hitler” was uncovered.

Karim Farid, the host of a show on CNN Arabic, claims he was “horrified” when he reread his 2011 tweets, which were written in Arabic, praising the Nazi dictator who committed mass genocide.

He insists he has never been a supporter of the fascist who used his power to orchestrate the mass murder of over 6 million Jews, despite previously celebrating the Nazi leader for “his determination to reach his goal.”

“I was horrified to re-read some of my old tweets from 2011 during the emotional Arab spring events in Cairo. I have never been a supporter of Hitler or any of his beliefs and actions and these translated tweets are not a reflection of who I am and what I believe in,” he said in a statement Saturday.

While claiming his tweets were taken out of context, Farid said he “deeply” apologizes and has learned from his misstep.

His apology comes a day after, Mohammed Elshany, a 25-year-old photojournalist who worked at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, was exposed for professing anti-Semitism on Twitter.

Elshany lauded a Palestinian terror attack, that resulted in the death of a Christian woman studying in Israel and a 14-year old girl, by denouncing “Zionist pigs.”

“More than 4 jewish pigs killed in #Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode. #Israel #Gaza,” he wrote.

In another tweet, the former CNN employee claimed: “Israel is the main Egypt…despite rulers who lick Jewish legs.”

Elshamy also blasted the UK soccer team for hiring Yossi Benayoun, who he referred to as a “shitty Jewish idiot.”

Elshany quit his job at CNN after his Jew-hating tweets resurfaced.

CNN issued a statement, vowing the network is  “committed to maintaining a workplace in which every employee feels safe, secure and free from discrimination regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.”