Filmmaker Rob Reiner issued a warning Monday, claiming everyone who supports President Donald Trump is a racist.

The president has made it “abundantly clear” his plans to win reelection on by making white nationalism the center of his campaign, Reiner decried on his Twitter feed, which he uses almost entirely to smear the president and his administration.

There is no distinction between “being a racist and a racist enabler,” the 72-year-old director lamented.

“The President of the United States is a racist. He’s made it abundantly clear his re-election is based on white nationalism,” he said. “If you support him, there can be no distinction between you being a racist and a racist enabler. They are the same.”

“Donald Trump’s mind is infested,” he continued. “With racism, with misogyny, with lies, with bigotry, with hate.”

The director, who starred as “Meathead” in the television series “All in the Family,” has also argued Trump supporters are involved in an “insidious cult.”

Last June, the director of A Few Good Men director claimed Trump is the first commander in chief to be supported by the “mainstream media.”

“Every president uses propaganda to sell a policy — Republicans and Democrats,” Reiner told the ladies of ABC’s The View. “But this is the first time we have had a president that is supported by mainstream media. I mean, Fox is mainstream media. Between that and Breitbart and Sinclair and Alex Jones, there are 40 percent of the country getting their news only there.”


Reiner’s latest line of attacks against the president came after Trump railed against Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings. The president called Cumming’s district in Baltimore a “rat and rodent-infested mess,” before labeling Cummings “a racist.” 

Trump is the first Republican president in modern history to condemn Democrat policies as racist.


Conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh commended Trump on Monday for pushing back against Democrats’ incessant charges of racism against Republicans.

“There are certain things you’re not supposed to say,” Limbaugh stated. “You’re not supposed to criticize anything the Democrats run. You’re not supposed to criticize anything where minorities are involved because that’s automatically labeled racist, but I’m going to tell you something right up front: the president’s not a racist.”

“[I]t’s about time somebody pushed back against the real human misery that results from unchecked Democrat leftist control and power. I like it,” he added.