A Muslim woman dressed in a full Islamic veil is seen shouting down members at a gay pride parade in footage posted on social media on Saturday.

“Shame on you!” the woman yelled in an angry, homophobic tirade during a Waltham Forest Pride event.

“Shame on all of you,” she continued shouting at another person wearing a rainbow flag.

“Shame on you, you despicable people,” she decried. “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

A leftist shot back at the Muslim woman as she condemned homosexuality, claiming conservatives similarly discriminate against Muslims.

“That’s what the racists and fascists say about you,” the man retorted.

While the woman, dressed in full Islamic garb – a black veil and black-rimmed glasses – verbally attacks the gay man, a man who appears to be working security at the event is seen fending off the gay man as if he was the aggressors.

The Metropolitan Police are calling for witnesses of the incident to come forward, the Independent reports.

 “We are aware of footage circulating on social media of abuse directed at those taking part in the Waltham Forest Pride event and inquiries are taking place,” a spokesperson added. “Abusing someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is a hate crime and we would encourage victims and those who were there when this took place to come forward.”

The skirmish during the pride parade comes amid protests by hundreds of Muslim parents and their children protested the incorporation of LGBTQ education in public schools.

According to a 2016 Channel 4 survey on attitudes of British Muslims, more than 50 percent of respondents said they don’t believe homosexuality should be legal in Britain, while 47 percent of respondents said that it’s not acceptable for a teacher to be gay.

Across the Arab world, gays have been arrested and sentenced to prison on charges linked to “debauchery” and face the death penalty in Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

The Islamic holy book, the Koran, states men who engage in homosexuality should be punished.

According to ISIS’ interpretation of Islam, gays should be thrown from a high building then stoned if they are not dead when they hit the ground.

The group reportedly bases this punishment on one account in the Koran in which the Prophet Muhammad reportedly said gays “should be thrown from tremendous height then stoned.”