Scandal-plagued Rep. Ilhan Omar is reportedly separating from her husband, the father of her three children, and heading for her third divorce.

The freshman Democrat’s break-up with her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, comes amid widespread allegations and evidence indicating she married her own brother to skirt immigration law.

The Muslim congresswoman first married Hirsi in 2002 when she was 19. She then divorced Hirsi in 2008 and married the man alleged to be her biological brother, Ahmed Elmi, in 2009.

She and Elmi divorced in 2017 and she remarried Hirsi in 2018 and had a third child. Public records show Omar was still living with Hirsi while she was married to her brother.

Furthermore, documents recently disclosed from North Dakota State University, where Omar attended college with Elmi, reveal the Democratic lawmaker was married to both Elmi and Hiris at the same time.

As LauraLoomer.us has reported, “A marriage certificate dated February 12, 2009, shows Ilhan Abdullaahi Omar married a man by the name of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Hennepin County, Minnesota, who she identified as a British citizen.

“On another application dated September 30, 2002, Omar applied for a marriage license in Minnesota to marry the father of her children, Ahmed “Hirsi”, otherwise known as Ahmed Aden.”

According to the Daily Mail, Omar recently moved into a penthouse apartment in an upscale Minneapolis neighborhood. Hirsi reportedly has been residing at the apartment when Omar is out of town, drawing speculation about whether or not her split is legitimate.

When confronted by Daily Mail outside of Omar’s $2,860 a month complex about his marriage, Hirsi fled the scene.

“Wow. I can’t comment on that,” he said.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything,” he continued before driving off in his BMW.

Witnesses told the Daily Mail Hirsi has been spotted leaving Omar’s home “alone at 7:45 am and returning to drop off his mother and his younger daughter nearly three hours later.”

“He only goes there when Ilhan is in DC,’ a family friend told the publication. “When she’s in Minneapolis he sleeps at his house.”

When investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Minnesota in February, she went to Ilhan Omar’s house with an affidavit for Omar to sign under penalty of perjury to get Omar’s written statement that she didn’t marry her brother. When Loomer arrived at Omar’s house, she noted that the home appeared to be vacant and that it didn’t look like Omar was living there, despite saying so on her campaign paperwork.


The Daily Mail’s report further vindicates Loomer’s earlier reporting. Not only was Omar’s home vacant, but so was her constituent office.

Despite her controversy and refusal to answer questions about her marriage fraud, Omar was greeted with a hero’s welcome at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport last week after she was slammed by President Trump over her persistent anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric and his comments regarding her marriage to her brother.

Hiris was reportedly seen sitting nonchalantly at Starbucks while Omar was being celebrated at the airport.

Judicial Watch and Omar’s Minnesota colleague, Rep. Steve Drazkowski, are demanding the House Ethics Committee investigate Omar for immigration and tax fraud.

Omar, “may be the most crooked politician in Minnesota history,” Drazkowski asserts. “She seems to have a deep pervasive disdain for the law which is ironic given the fact that she is a United States lawmaker.”

“Marrying your brother is a violation of Minnesota law,” he added.

Public records show Omar divorced her alleged brother, Ahmed Elmi, in 2017 then legally married Hirsi in 2018.

But Omar jointly filed tax returns with Hirsi for 2014 and 2015 while she was still married to Elmi, a Minnesota ethics investigation confirms. She then compensated an attorney to obfuscate tax fraud. As a candidate for Minnesota statehouse in 2016, Omar made a $1,500 payment to her lawyer so the campaign committee could independently obtain the candidate’s tax returns and rebut allegations that she married her brother.   

In June, Omar was also ordered by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board to reimburse her campaign finance committee $3,469.23 and a $500 civil fine in June, after the board discovered she violated state campaign finance rules by using her committee’s fund for out of-state-travel expenses.

 “Ilhan Omar has already established a lengthy and extraordinary record of legal convictions and fines,” Drazkowski said. “This is a record upon which a House Ethics Committee should begin its investigation. But first, she needs to come forward and tell us the truth. She won’t even identify her own siblings at this stage.” 


Elmi’s archived social media post indicated he is an openly homosexual man, further suggesting Omar’s marriage to Elmi was fraudulent.

Elmi’s Instagram account was laced with multiple transgender and homosexual references. In one instance, he tagged himself with a group of homosexual men dressed in drag inside London’s famous gay night club, Heaven.

U.S. law forbids people to enter into a marriage for the purpose of evading immigration laws. The penalty for violating this is imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of more than $250,000 or both.

Omar maintains reports of her marrying her brother are “disgusting lies” predicated on anti-Muslim bigotry.

Evidence strongly suggests otherwise.