An esteemed Fox News contributor and former head of the DNC continued to spread conspiracy theories about Russia meddling in the United States’ elections Thursday.

“Russia attacked our elections in 2016 and continue to work overtime to undermine future elections. If Republican lawmakers won’t fight to protect our elections, we must do it. We the people!” Donna Brazile said on Twitter.

Her rampage continued throughout the day. She accused the country of failing, sharing a Washington Post piece that was sympathetic former special counsel Robert Mueller, who dragged the nation through a two-and-a-half year witch hunt, spending millions of taxpayer dollars only to conclude that President Donald Trump committed no crimes – which most of us knew from day one.

She also conspiracy theorized that the Iranians, too, were meddling in the United States’ elections. Again she shared a piece from The Washington Post, which is known for spreading the Russian hoax.

Brazile infamously gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of a 2017 primary debate. She later defended her actions on Fox News and insinuated that she was trying to combat WikiLeaks.

“Tucker, WikiLeaks sought to divide us,” she said. “These were active measures where you got to see the things I gave to Hillary, you never got a chance to see the things I gave to Bernie or Martin O’Malley.”

“But what I sought — Tucker, I know you too well,” she said. “What I sought to do, Tucker, was to ensure that we had these issues on the table, and I made sure that our candidates, I didn’t want them blindsided. That’s what I admitted to. That’s what I — look, what WikiLeaks put out — ”

Carlson then cut her off.

But in 2019, she was brought back to Fox News, and not just for a guest appearance.

“Brazile, the former campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000 and a one-time interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, was named a Fox News contributor in March, and since that time has made appearances on everything from ‘Fox & Friends’ to ‘The Five,'” according to Variety.

While Fox News insists that some right-wing figures are too “fringe” to air, it seems to have no problem platforming left-wing conspiracy theorists.